Sitting Bull Meetups

Did Sitting Bull ever have the opportunity to come in contact with “real” Indians, like the ones with the dot?


Clean up in aisle 5.

I think DuhCow was asking if Sitting bull, an indian-from-north-america, ever had a chance to meet an indian-from-india.

Considering that Sitting Bull was in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, which travelled around and was patronized by visitors from all over the world, I’d say that he had a much better chance of meeting a subcontinent-of-Indian than your average resident of North America at the time. Whether he did or not, I have no idea.
(Buffalo Bill’s show evidently visited England. See Alan Moore’s copious notes in From Hell. If Sitting Bull was with them, he had a really good chance.)

Except that the number of sub-continental Indians in the UK in the late Nineteenth Century would have been minimal to say the least; probably just a number of servants, the usual princes sons attending public schools and Oxbridge and maybe a few independent merchants/businessmen. Immigration from the sub-continent to the UK didn’t really begin until the 1950s.

I think this general question won’t be generally easy to answer… :dubious:


I’m not so sure about that. While not a major immigration, I suspect that there were quite a few Indians in London in the 19th century. There was apparently a sizeable Chinese population. India was part of the Gritish Empire, and government, military, and business concerns would have people going between London and India. Many of the people, I think, would have been native Indians – there were Indians involved in all of these functions. It wasn’t a whites-only situation.

On second thoughts, my first comments may have been rather rash, but I never denied that there would have been an Indian presence in London at the time, merely that it wouldn’t have been sizeable.

However, I also imagine that the idea of introducing a Native American Indian to a sub-continental Indian would have been an appealing one to the Victorians, so it’s not entirely unlikely.