Six Feet Under - Over the shark?

Hasn’t been a whole lot of discussion of the more recent 6 Feet Under episodes on this board… and I can sort of see why. I think it’s gotten so bad this month. All the recent episodes seem to be about smoking pot and exploring sexuality. Not that I have a problem with either of those things, but it seems to be formula now. :rolleyes:

It’s just gotten hard, IMHO, to sit through a full episode without wanting to get up, check e-mail, run out for a beer, etc. That ain’t how it used to be. I’m bored with all three of the Fischer kids. Exhausted from watching marriages founder.

Anybody else think the show’s lost its soul since the David hijacking episode? Or anybody love these last few episodes?

For me, the feelings of “I’m kind of forcing myself to watch this” started at about episode 3 of season 2.

I watched the premier this year and maybe some of episode 2, but it was clear that it was remaining in boring-land.

Seeing as how there’s only three episodes left in the season, I feel I’ve been pretty satisfied with how it’s gone so far. I do agree with you a bit on the carjacking storyline; at the time it seemed to me very incongruous with the rest of the season and the sentiment of the show in general. I don’t know that we needed to go to such great dramatic lengths to show up David’s issues with Keith and his personality in general, but there you go. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the mental repercussions from the carjacking, and I hope they’re handled in a skillful manner.

I didn’t mind the stuff about Claire exploring her sexuality either; it all made sense for her character to do something like that. I think there are certain parallels to be drawn between Claire and Edie and Ruth and Bettina, which I found interesting over the last couple of episodes.

I am a little tired of Brenda and Nate, however. Not that I ever thought things were going to work out between her and Joe.

As I think I said in a previous SFU thread, I’ve really been enjoying the family dynamics playing out over the season. The Fisher kids are showing a lot more of how they deal internally with family situations, as in Claire approaching Nate about coming back to work after David’s carjacking, and David and Claire having several heart-to-hearts about various things. For those things, I’m happy (and for Bobby Cannavale), and I think it’s probably premature to pass shark-jumping judgement on the show as a whole. At any rate, it’s still better IMO than much else out there, as far as television dramas are concerned.