Six Feet Under: New/Final Season Starts Tonight (June 6)

Just a reminder to those who are interested in seeing how this show wraps up in this, its final season.

One last “bump” before it starts on the East Coast tonight.

Hmm…didn’t realize this show had sunk so low in popularity…not a single, “Whoopie!” or "Hooray!’ for the new season?

Guess I don’t need to be looking for a flurry of Six Feet Under threads and spoilers tomorrow.

Whoopie! Hooray!

I’m looking forward to it - I didn’t realize it was starting tonight until just recently. I was thinking the new ones weren’t starting till the fall.

I was catching the repeats of last season on HBO, and saw the last one last week. I’d forgotten that one gruesome scene with Lisa’s BIL when Nate confronts him about his involvement in Lisa’s disappearance, when he realizes his wife has heard everything - holy shit. It was shocking when I saw it the first time and shocked me again this time.

Are we getting 13 episodes again?
I wonder how poor George is doing. He had really gone off the deep end when we last saw him. He said the bomb shelter was where he was going to live.
And David and Keith. I hope they can be happy for a while.
I wonder where they’ll go with Rico. I always liked him, and hated when he cheated on Vanessa.
Oh, and Claire and Billy. They ended up in her apartment after her big art show. That can’t be good. Can it?

I’m boycotting HBO because they cancelled Carnival.


I’m glad I came to this forum - I didn’t realize the season was starting. I’m going to watch it only because I’ve watched it from the beginning. I was very let down by the last season - I liked the earlier shows better - when there was more interplay with the departed. It became way too much of a soap opera for my taste. We shall see…

Exactly my feeling!! I loved the way that they used that device and wish that they would have done it more last season.

The big question is who is the biological father of Maya, Nate or Hoyt? I wonder if they’ll touch on that.

It really does seem like they are running out of steam. I love the show but it’s probably good that they’re ending it now.


I almost forgot to watch too. Shouldn’t it be on Sunday night, instead of Monday?

Good episode. The neverending misery gets to you after awhile, but at least it’s well-written misery.

Since the ep hasn’t aired everywhere yet, I’ll just say that I thought everyone looked really good tonight, especially David. He positively glowed.

Well, wasn’t that an uplifting hour!!!
I feel really, really bad for poor Ruth. She’s going to crack soon and be as looney as George.
I can’t believe Nate and Brenda and Claire and Billy are anything other than doomed.
But there does seem to be light at the end of Keith’s and David’s tunnel! Good for them!

The wedding. Was that where Shayna and Spiny Norman got married, at the former site of Marineland?

It looks like HBO is trying to branch out to grab other nights. Since the greater proliferation of digital cable and multiple HBOs, it seems their plan is to make HBO1 the ‘show’ channel. It seemed that the premiere the “Contender” was on tonight as well (though I have to catch it on On Demand).

Interesting episode… we had to know that:

The baby wouldn’t be born


That’s just what I was thinking. Just the quick bit at the beginning with the death and then another quick bit with the sister at the funeral home. I lked it better when the DGDJ (Dead Guy/Girl du Jour) talked to one of the Fishers or we saw the funeral scene. This did feel more like a soap opera.

Would they really let Brenda wait several days after a miscarriage for a D&C? It seems like something that should be done as soon as possible.

What was Ruth’s problem with Claire taking that picture of George? Why did she freak out so much?

I thought it was the same spot where Brenda’s Dad’s ashes were tossed into the wind and sea.

I think it was a “last straw” for poor Ruth. She didn’t want her crazy husband to come to the wedding at all. And then as they were posing, he had wine spilled all over him. I don’t think Ruth wanted any permanent record of George at all. I think she wants him gone. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up on a slab in the Fischer’s basement before the end of this season.

Seemed like the actors were having trouble getting back into their roles, but not a bad episode. Claire has lost some baby fat and is looking pretty hot. Ruth’s character has evolved nicely throughout the series, from ditsy mom to obsessive neurotic. She seems very close to having her cheese slip off her cracker.

Claire has lost some weight - she looks amazing. I hope she doesn’t lose any more though.

George’s character is moving in an interesting direction - I guess I should have seen it coming that this insanity would be permanent.

Brenda depresses me to no end. So does her brother Billly. They’re two of my favorite characters though. I wonder if Billy is going to lose the cheese off his cracker again…?

Nitpick: They had his funeral on a cliff (could have been the same one), but Brenda’s mom tossed his ashes over the balcony of her apartment.

And yes, I also think Billy is going to lose it again. Go off his meds, get jealous of Claire’s success or something.

I rewatched it this morning on On Demand (I missed a few parts last night, like the bit with him being taken out of the house in cuffs) and I think you’re right. I think she regrets marrying him now.

I enjoyed the scene of Nate, Claire and David all comparing their weed on the porch. Something about the way they all had excuses about how their partners shouldn’t know seemed to really get at how inwardly isolated they all are.

The pacing of the episode seemed much quicker as well. I don’t know if I like it yet or not but I am still watching till the end.

Ohh ya, Did Nate say his weed cost $200 an eighth??
Either he is getting ripped off or it is laced with gold…

So glad the show is back. Hopefully now that this is the last season, they’ll step up production on the DVDs. I can’t believe they only just released season three. Annoying.

Good episode, although I the plot line with Brenda made me cry.

My hubby and I both think Lauren Ambrose (Claire) has lost a bit too much weight.