Six Feet Under: Season 3 Begins March 2 (BIG TIME SPOILER ALERT!)


Do not read the following if you are a fan and do not want to know what happens in the first few episodes of the upcoming Season 3…the following was from a MSNBC article today (I can’t believe they let the cat out of the bag!) Skip to the bottom!

The second season of “Six Feet Under” ended with a cliffhanger: Nate is facing life-threatening brain surgery. On any other series, it would be obvious that he survives—after all, the actor who plays him, Peter Krause, is still in the cast. But Nate’s dead father is still hanging around as a ghostlike presence. So let’s just say that Sunday’s season premiere is a shocker. It’s also TV at the peak of its powers. Drama, at its best, confronts us with the truth of our lives, and it’s hard to think of any series on television doing a better job of that than “Six Feet Under.” Forget “Joe Millionaire.” This is reality TV.
With or without Nate, life goes on for the rest of the Fishers in season three. David (Michael C. Hall) has entered couples therapy with his partner, Keith (Mathew St. Patrick), who’s been booted out of the LAPD and is now a rent-a-cop fishing drowned rats out of rich people’s pools. Claire (Lauren Ambrose) is in art school, perfecting her talent for dating the wrong guys. Brenda, Nate’s ex-fiancee, played by the scalding Rachel Griffiths, is MIA until the fifth episode—and when she finally does reappear, it hits you like a shovel to the chest. Meanwhile, Ball keeps her chair warm with a trio of terrific actresses in guest appearances, including Lili Taylor, who returns as Lisa, the mother of Nate’s baby girl, and Catherine O’Hara (“Best in Show”) as an infantile producer who hires Lisa to be her personal assistant.

Suffice it to say, it looks like this season ought to be a doozy!
(And if you were clever enough NOT to read the spoiler, it should be a Season Opener that you will remember!)

I have been lucky enough to see both Seasons from the first episode, and it has consistantly been well written and unpredictable. It deserved every Emmy nomination it got!

I don’t get it.
I don’t get it.
I don’t get it.

I’ve tried… believe me, I’ve tried. But I have never been able to make it through a single episode. I couldn’t find one character that I cared about, or one compelling plot line.

On the other hand, I couldn’t get enough of The Wire. I wonder why that is?

(Sorry for the hijack)

BTW, Stinkyou will be happy to know that The Wire (which I also like) is coming back soon as well!

Too bad Six Feet is five feet over your head…but give it another try, it really is well-written.

Auggggh! Why oh WHY do I have no willpower?? I told myself, don’t click on the spoiler box, don’t click on the spoiler box, don’t click on the spoiler…click

:smack: :smack: :smack:

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I just have to say that I can’t wait to see the new season. IMHO, there are very few dramas on TV today that are as consistently well-acted and thought-provoking as Six Feet Under.

Please. It’s not over my head. I just don’t find it to be the wonder series that many people do. Just because I like The Sopranos doesn’t mean that it’s over your head if you don’t.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

I don’t get it

Spoiler Query

So, does Nate live ? Your write-up seems to hint that he doesn’t, but doesn’t actually give out the spoiler.

Can you link to the MSNBC article ?

Link is below - be forwarned, the SPOILER is in the linked story!

I’m getting dense.

I read the article, but all I saw was

The intro and first 3 paras talk about Conroy/Ruth, the next 2 paras are what you cut’n’paste here, the first sentence of the next para is another hint, though no spoiler yet. The rest of the article is about Conroy/Ruth again.

So, what’s the spoiler ?

Re: THe spoiler. I don’t think it is much of a spoiler, it really doesn’t say one way or another what is going to happen; it really doesn’t give us any more info then what we know now.

I fell in love with Six Feet Under after watching a few minutes of one of the first season’s midway episodes - a few minutes was all it took. It is the only show I watch, and I can’t wait for the new season.

I just saw the season premiere.

I love this show. After watching it, I’m still not 100% what the hell is going on.

If you just saw the first episode - then its pretty safe to read the spoiler in the OP. The only surprise in there not shown in tonights episode was if/when Brenda will be back.

I’m looking forward to next weeks episode already.

I missed the end of last season (no HBO), but now I’m back watching again.

I know Nate had the brain cancer thing, but when did he and Brenda call it quits? And where did this Lisa come from? And was she pregnant last season? When and why did Keith lose his PD job? And does David seem to be a little more fem this season?


At the end of last season, I thought there was way too much wacky crap was going on that was NOT realistic, despite what some critics would have you believe.

This seasons premiere was great. Probably one of my favorite episodes so far.

**Happy - **

Brenda was sleeping around BIG time, she confessed to Nate, he flipped, she took off, moved house and everything.

Nate slept with Lisa in Seattle, she was his kinds/sorta fuck buddy there. She gets pregnant and moves to LA, surprise Nate, you’re a Daddy.

Keith flipped out and beat up a guy on a routine domestic disturbance call. He had previously shot someone in the line of duty, that was later cleared. The beating was not cleared, he was suspended.

IMHO, David is being a wee bit sensitive.[/spoiler]

I loved this episode. I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat for the first ten minutes, and I’ll admit I shed a few tears.

OK I’ll dissent. I didn’t like it, really. It was almost like a completely different series.

I was completely hooked when I saw the “death” of Nate. It would have been ballsy to kill a main character as a way to start a new season, but the death didn’t stick, and well, it all went down from there. If those scenes in the funeral home were Nate’s choices, just about anything would beat life with the Mad Vegan. Including death. I also kinda liked his Ronnie Dobbs lifestyle. The speech disorder Nate creeped me out big time. Well done.

I’ve always liked the show’s annoying characters – Billy, Gabe, that funeral groupie – but Catherine O’Hara’s character so far isn’t entertaining annoying or love-to-hate-em annoying. Just annoying. Yeah, yeah, talented comedic actress, yap yap. But still. Kathy Bates is good, though. Watching her complain about puke is much better than Ruth and Lili Taylor trying to best each other in a Neurotic Mother contest.

But I’m far from giving up on the show. Plus, my opinions are on the fringe, as I’m the only fan of the show I know who unconditionally loves Brenda.

Oh, and what a lame party.

Overall, I liked the first episode. But I’m biasd as I’ve been a regular viewer from the start. Here’s hoping that this season has a few intersting twists. I’m eagerly awaiting Brenda’s return (I’m a HUGE Rachel Griffiths fan) in Episode Five. I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up pregnant or toting around Nate’s kid (even more interesting would be her claiming it was Nate’s kid, but nobody really knowing for sure given Brenda’s past behavior).

fair warning: i don’t know how to mark spoilers, and the post you’re about to read has a couple in it. consider yourself warned…

i’m on the fence about this one. almost every single episode at some point or another has given me a little tingle, a tear, something that just moved me in a way that i didn’t expect. i think the reason that i’m not totally sold on the season premiere is that the tingle/tear happened in the first ten minutes, and then spent the next forty-five minutes going “ok, wait, did that really happen?”
i know it’s gonna get better… you don’t have two spectacular seasons and go to dud that quickly. likewise, every show has a bum episode every now and then. but i have to agree with alphagene… the speech disorder scene was stunning… i keep wondering why peter krause hasn’t won an emmy yet…
now quick question, maybe a theory or something… but the song that was used in the commercials, as well as two scenes at nate and lisa’s house that featured the “dream recollections” was “a rush of blood to the head” by coldplay. considering that nate had avm and may or may not have been killed by a “rush of blood to the head” so to speak, does anyone think that maybe the filmmakers are winking at us, or possibly hinting that maybe we’re still in nate fantasy land or something? just curious what if anything y’all thought about this…

Thanks, Boscibo.

Now could someone fill me in as to what happened in the first 10 minutes, as I was watching “Malcolm” until I realized this was on.

(I wasn’t going to ask, but since it appears something significant happened…)

I think Nate’s alive. . . really, miraculously alive. (One dead family member who keeps showing up is enough for this show.) But I think his alive life is less than he wants it to be. I think he is entranced by the infant Maia, but less than entranced by Lisa and her pushy psycho boss. (See what being a big media exec does to ya???) I think he longs for the passion he had with Brenda; that will make him truly alive.
I will be surprised if Brenda shows up WITHOUT either a pregnancy or an infant.
David and Keith are painful to watch. I’d like to slap them both. But having Keith pull that dead possum out of the pool was pretty funny! Is THAT what his life has come to??? Yup!
Ruth. Poor Ruth. It’s always Poor Ruth. Loved her scenes with the baby, especially her telling her deepest, darkest secrets to her, so that Nate could overhear, of course. And I really felt her pain when Lisa was so snotty to her about the peanut butter. That Lisa is just awful!
Claire. Honey, stop sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry and rock wannabe! Was that group practicing at the crematorium? What a concept!

Holy cow - me too! I’ve been so looking forward to this season, then I brainfarted!! I need to check to see when it’ll be rerun.