Six Patriots won't go to White House

Not sure which forum this belongs in, but it’s at least partially about football.

Six Patriots have said they won’t go to the White House as part of the traditional visit by the Super Bowl winners. All well known starters - LaGarrette Blount, Chris Long, Dont’a Hightower, Devin McCourty, Martellus Bennett and Alan Branch.

I assume that by next year the NFL will have instituted a rule requiring all members of the winning team to go.

From the OP’s linked article:
*Defensive lineman Alan Branch joins five of his teammates who have said they would not make the trip to the White House.

…Branch attended President Obama’s White House celebration with the Patriots for the 2014 Super Bowl win, SportingNews reported.*

Branch was willing meet with the black President, but not with the white President???

Looks as if Alan Branch is just another racist.

Are you fucking dense or something?

True patriots!

Didn’t Brady skip a few years ago to go exercise?

And no, it’s not racism. I doubt they’d skip if Clinton was president. I’m sure it’s because Trump is a horrible person in every facet.

I say good on them.

That would really surprise me. Players have been not going to the White House for years. They did it to Obama, and to Dubya, and to Clinton. They’re not likely to change the rule now for Trump.

Tim Thomas (NHL Goalie - Boston Bruins) refused to attend the White House in 2012.

I’m glad I’m not wearing a hat due to the amount of whoosh that just happened here

Poe’s Law, man.

I should have caught that. :o

And knowing the poster.

Name one decent, honorable liberal with compassion and tolerance for a viewpoint that differs from theirs.

All of them?

Nancy Varner.

I think they should go to the White House to yell at Trump. Cause a commotion. Call him a lying sack of shit. Give him the finger.


Shhhh. Don’t tell the fundies that he’s a liberal; it’ll make their heads explode in cognitive dissonance.

Don’t insult others outside of the Pit.

Maybe these players are still upset about what Trump did to the USFL.

Their gift can be a bag of small potatoes.