Sizing a ring

Anybody had a ring sized lately? How much did it cost and how long did it take? The ring on my right hand has gotten a bit tight lately, and I really don’t want to have to shop around for a new one. After all, I’ve worn this one for over 30 years. I just need it…expanded a little.


It’ll probably take a week and cost $20. If it’s a plain band and you’re not going much bigger you can possibly have it expanded, but that sometimes weakens the ring,

I used to work for a chain jewelry store. We would send out shipments of rings to be resized to our jeweler about twice a week, and we would typically get them back in a week or less. Some of our locations had a jeweler on site, and then you could have it done faster, in a day or 2.

A plain band that just needs to go up a size or 2 shouldn’t cost you more than $10-20. If you have detail work or stones around the band it can be trickier, and if you need to go up many sizes or if the band is very thin or delicate it can weaken the ring. Any local jeweler should be able to help you.