Soliciting advice as to ring fit from long time wedding band wearers

We have got our wedding bands from the goldsmith’s for trying out the fit - they said they (14 ct) can be easily resized a size or two. There is time for that - we’ll only wear them in earnest in two months’ time.

Mine definitely needs widening (only got it off again after a few hours’ wearing with cold water and a spoon of salad oil), but I dont’ really know if I should go up one half or one size (apparently metric ring size = internal circumference in mm).

My fingers are only moderately fleshy (the joints are significantly wider than where the ring sits, but a ring that goes over the joint still sits only moderately loose on the finger.

I am a deskbound engineer so considerations of safety and antisepsis are not really relevant. I do not sail anymore either.

So I’d like to ask people with more experience about what fit they perfer.

  1. With straight fingers: do you prefer a snug but not tight fit, or a fit where the ring can tilt a bit?

  2. When clenching the fist tightly, or firmly grasping something: do you prefer not feeling the ring at all, feeling it a bit, or is a bit of discomfort OK?

  1. tilt a bit
  2. feeling a bit

Also, remember - your finger changes size depending on the temperature, shrinking when it’s cold (as I presume it is where you are now) and expanding when it’s hot. If you had to resort to such heroic measures in cold weather or indoor AC to get the ring off, then it is way too small, IMO.

I don’t wear a wedding ring, but do wear a chunky class ring. Probably similar issues:

  1. You do not want it snug. It should be small enough to not easily slip over the knuckle, but between knuckle and base it should be a bit floppy.

  2. You want to only barely feel it when making a fist.

(basically, I guess I’m agreeing with galen ubal)

I had to have mine resized after about twenty years because it shrank (stainless steel shrinks, right? :D) So I just went to the friendly neighborhood jeweler and he whipped out his sizing rings. I found the one that felt just right, and that was it.

Yeah. My fingers got fatter over time. I don’t know if fingers ever get skinnier.

Mine tilts and can be rotated on my finger, but is thin enough that I never really feel it. It stays on all the time. My college ring is pretty chunky, and is taken off at night and when it could bet in the way.

I’ve had both resized slightly, once each, not bad for 39 years and 45 years respectively.

By the bye, my ring is made of “Siladium” (a proprietary brand of stainless steel I believe) and five local jewelers swore it could not be resized. But I sent it back to the company that sold it to me (Artcarved) and they did resize it. For free, no less.

Back when we got married in 1979, I got two wedding rings a half-size apart. That allows for the occasional weight fluctuation. I was working in a factory, and I was working my hands pretty hard. Some years later, I lost the smaller one, and I wish I had it back. Occasionally, I have my ring fall off in my pocket or drop it in the sink.

My fingers got skinnier when I lost weight. I lost the weight because of a cardiologist-ordered low sodium diet. I’ll have to keep eating that way to stay alive, or so the doc says. Staying alive is a good goal, so I’m sticking with it.:smiley:

Eventually your finger may develop an “indentation” where the ring sits so even if it’s tight going on, there’s some daylight once it’s “settled” into place. Wearing a ring was a little uncomfortable until the dent developed.

I have tungsten carbide rings. 20 bucks all day every day on Amazon, dozens of different styles. I have like 10 different rings. Lose one? Just get another one out of the box. And they’re heavy like gold too; I like to feel that it’s there.

If you want something lighter, titanium is “barely there” weight. It almost feels like plastic in your hand.

I got married in August, so the best and humidity made my fingers a little bigger. It was looser by fall.

I got a cheap ring online the size that I though my wedding ring should be and wore it for a few weeks to test. Cheaper and easier than changing the size on the real thing later.

Then we took a long honeymoon that involved lots of hiking and I lost about 15 pounds, so it was pretty lose for a while. I’ve gained back some of that, so it fits perfectly again.

Excellent suggestion, to try a cheap ring for a few weeks.

It’s possible that a different metal (i.e. not 14k gold) will expand / contract differently enough with temperature changes that this would affect how it feels in cold / hot weather, but for ordinary room temperature, a steel / silver / miscellaneous metal substitute should give you a pretty good idea.

Married 34+ years here. My original ring was a hammered-gold band, very easy for the original jeweler to upsize (they just put it in some kind of clamp and hammered around the band a bit to stretch it). As we no longer live anywhere near that jeweler, and the ring has “shrunk” a bit more, I bought an inexpensive (100-bucks) gold band to wear to keep me from going batty without it. I can move it around well enough on my finger, I don’t notice it if I make a fist, and it removes easily enough. My engagement ring fits a little looser; if I were 20 pounds lighter it would pose a risk of falling off and even now it is looser than the wedding ring, so I always wear it above the wedding ring.

Not that you asked, but unless you’re the sort who will wear it 24/7, not removing it even for handwashing (eww), pick a designated place to put it when not wearing it and MAKE A POINT TO ALWAYS USE THAT PLACE. It’ll save some headaches / heartaches. Me: in the master bathroom, I put it on top of a little jar I have to hold cotton balls. If I’m cooking / doing dishes, I put it on the crank for the right-hand window over the sink (we never open it, and it’s secure there).

To continue the hijack - I bought a set of little white ceramic tapas dishes and put one near every washbasin and sink in the house - to serve as a safe place to put any jewellery whilst washing or bathing

This. While I sometimes have difficulty getting the ring on or off, once it’s in the groove I don’t notice it. Good thing - my wife had bought me a couple of rings before we got married and I lost them both; she said if I lose this one the next one goes through my nose.

I recently performed a marriage ceremony for my nephew and his sweetie. He’s never worn a ring and did not plan on wearing the ceremony ring. He bought a passable fake made of rubber. Nobody noticed, and he lost it a day or two later.

Thanks all; I have now a better idea of what fit to go for in resizing.