Am I the only one who can't stand rings on my fingers?

It’s not an aesthetic issue by one of comfort. I’ve tried rings that fit perfectly and comfortably until I go to pick up something that’s fairly heavy or unwieldy that requires a solid grip and the metal of the ring mashes into the flesh of my fingers, and it’s extremely uncomfortable. How do other people do it? Doesn’t it hurt?

No rings, no watch. On occasion I’ll wear a man-necklace, but only with certain attire.

I’m another non-ring wearer, although my husband happily wears his wedding ring which seems to amuse people when they realise.

For me, it’s because my chubby fingers aren’t suited to rings - my fingers are chubbier at the base than at the knuckle so the only way for a ring to stay on is if it is really tight, which I’m not comfortable with. Plus I play the piano and it just upsets the way my hands feel.

I feel uncomfortable if I DON’T have my rings on. Same with my watch. Just habit I suppose.

I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have a certain bracelet that I wear every day on, on my left wrist, but I hate wearing rings, too! I like the way they look, but they just feel…odd.

I’ve worn a variety of rings on a particular finger for 20yrs now. I feel weird without one.
It did take my husband several weeks to get used to his wedding band, but now he doesn’t notice it. It helped that it is a “comfort fit” band (slightly rounded in the inside to minimize pinching). I think it’s a matter of getting past the initial weirdness to the point where you don’t notice it.

Rings freak me out ever since I heard about “ring avulsion injuries” (Google at your own risk).

Once I get used to the ring, it’s a complete non-issue for me. There’s a weird period of adjustment while I get used to it (one I’m facing starting this weekend, in fact).

The bells on my toes are a major annoyance, though.

I miss wearing my wedding band. Over the years, I got used to checking for its existence with my thumb (making sure it hadn’t slipped off, y’know), and even now, almost a decade after its post-divorce removal, at least once a week I’ll casually tap my thumb over and panic because there’s no ring there.

Overall, I’ve found that I not only get used to wearing things off-center, but I come to expect them, and feel naked without them. I feel wrong without a wristwatch, still miss my wedding band, and if I have to carry my wallet in the “wrong” pocket, I feel like I’m so off-balance that I’ll topple as I walk (I’m apparently the only right-hander to carry his wallet in the right back pocket-- dress pants don’t often take left-handers or folks like me into account).

Wearing my wedding ring was agonizing for the first few months. I couldn’t stand it. After a year of wearing it, I got used to it, and now it feels weird if I’m not wearing it.

I guess that means I can never get divorced, since it would take me years to get used to not wearing a ring any more.

I don’t like to wear rings or watches. First thing I do when I get home is take my wallet and keys out of my pants pockets. Less is more.

I can’t wear a ring for very long, but that’s because my hands are all burn-scar tissue from a childhood accident; the skin won’t callous and is easily irritated.

The webbing between my fingers goes up really far- like 2/3 of the way to my lower knuckle when I splay my fingers. This means that rings cut into the skin painfully when I move my fingers around. My fiance has had to take a lot of shit about it since we set the date- “where’s the ring? where’s the ring?” It’s gotten really old. I probably wouldn’t want one anyhow, I work with my hands and I’m not fastidious enough to take care of something so precious.

I is one of those guys who tend to sweat upon anything that I wear. Consequently, I wear no ring, watch or chain. And I don’t like wearing shoes neither.

For those who don’t like rings, could you be persuaded to wear these?

I love rings, although I only wear one per hand. (I have friends who can carry off that gypsy-look of having a ring on almost every finger, but it isn’t for me.) The heavier/bigger the better. I actually enjoy the weight/feel of them, and my hands feel naked when I forget to wear them. (They change depending on my mood.)

Same for my fairly heavy/chunky charm bracelet; I like the weight of it on my arm.

Maybe I’m weird. :smiley:

I like wearing rings, but I’m really picky and I can rarely find ones that fit unless I have them specially ordered. (The last time I wore a ring slightly too big for me I almost broke a finger when the stupid thing got caught on something.) The one on my right middle finger I’ve been wearing for years so I barely noticed it’s there.

Another person that can’t wear rings, but I can wear a watch for short periods.

My dad lost the top of his ring finger (above the base joint) when he was in high school. His class ring got caught on the top of a chain link fence he was climbing over. He’s definitely averse to rings.

You would think I would be averse to rings. I’m not.


I was expecting a “bells on your toes” reference within the first 5 posts.
How disappointing.