Nasty metal! It bites! How do people stand the feeling of rings on their fingers?

Seriously, I just tried wearing a ring again. The ring fits fine, but the sensation of the hard metal pressing against my fingers, when I’m lifting, pushing or manipulating something is incredibly annoying. I had to take it back off.

Ahh… powerful, sensitive fingers are metal free again!!

This is probably really going to bug you, but I wear twelve rings regularly (and I still have one naked finger.) Left hand: two on my wedding ring finger, one at the top knuckle of the middle finger, one on the index finger, one on the left thumb. Right hand: one on the thumb, one on the index finger, two on my middle finger, two on my ring finger (one at the top knuckle), one on my pinkie. They bother me not at all. I also have natural dragon-lady length fingernails. AND, I work with clay.

Do you lift, push, or manipulate heavy things regularly? Then a ring is not for you. I take my wedding ring off when swinging a sledgehammer. Other than that, I never even notice it (the only jewelry I’ve ever worn). Except when I am idly drumming with my fingers on a railing or something. Then I can use the metal on metal clink as an alternate beat to liven up my impromptu performance. This entertains me greatly.

I can’t imagine that this is a big plus for many people though.

What KIND of rings?

My little wedding band is hardly noticable.

Even if it’s small, the feeling of the metal band squashing itself into my flesh if I’m lifting something heavy, or gripping something tightly is really annoying.

I have one of these.

I had gotten tired of wearing my old high school ring and found this. It weighs about 3 grams more (31 grams total), but I hardly notice it’s there anymore.

I get lots of odd looks because of it.

I never wore a piece of jewellery until I got married at 38. For the first several months, I would take it off every day when I got home, because the feel of it being on my finger drove me up the wall. Then one night we were burglarized, and my wife’s rings went missing. We had to replace them, and since then, neither of us has removed our rings. Now I hardly notice it’s there. Except when I look at it and see that it has slid around sideways again.

I hate wearing rings, watches, chains ,etc.
Stickers at the back of t-shirts drives me absolutely crazy.

You get used to it. I went to a college that attached a lot of importance to the rings, and it took months before it didn’t drive me up the wall. It dosen’t help that I have slender fingers with big knuckles - it has to fit over my knuckles but then it’s too big, so it moves around a lot. But eventually I got used to it and I feel naked without it now.

Maybe you could have the ring made slightly bigger? My ring doesn’t bug me at all, and I can barely feel it.

I wear one ring on each hand, and would feel naked without them. The one on the left hand is a plain silver band, and people keep telling me I should get a different ring for that finger, since it looks like a wedding band and I’m not married. I’ll get around to that sooner or later.

I’m a guy and I hate any sort of adornments on my person. That includes hats and sunglasses. I used to wear braces and technically I’m supposed to get one of those permanent metal bands installed. I have decided not to go through with this step as I absolutely cannot stand anything in my mouth other than my teeth. I hated every single goddamn day of wearing those braces.

I had a choice of wearing my wedding ring or hearing constantly about it from my (then) new wife.

I got used to wearing the ring. :smiley:

I can wear rings on any finger but they have to be small. The band on my engagement is 1/18th of an inch wide. My other ring (ring finger right hand) is about 1/18 and a half wide.
That’s just the band though. The decoration on top can be bigger but not too big. My ring fingers are only 2-1/2" long. Anything too big makes my tiny fingers look like sausages.
I can wear wider rings than what I have now but they have to be simple bands. Larger rings with any height to them drive me crazy.

As long as they are small in width and height, I don’t notice them.

What I don’t understand is how people can wear bracelets. I can do watches but bracelets tickle the inside of my wrists and it feels like something is crawling one me.

Check out this recent thread: When am I allowed to take my wedding ring off? for lots of horror stories about traumatic ring injuries. I don’t see any reason to force yourself to wear one…

You get used to the feeling of a ring. I wear a ring with celtic knotwork and “runes” that Ardred bought for me at the Renaissance Festival last year.

I took mine off for two days last week and when I put it back on, I felt it ALL the time. Next day, nothing.

Don’t wear it when working with machinery or sledgehammers. Wear it when out to dinner or reading. You’ll get used to it.

Its nothing compared to the pain of actually being married.

I also wear a celtic ring. I feel naked without it. It’s on my ring finger but that’s only because it’s the only finger on my left hand it fits on. I absolutely can’t stand wearing rings on my right hand (feels funny when I’m writing). Although - perhaps strangely - I always think they look nicer on my right hand.

But then I’m strange like that…

It took me months to get used to wearing a wedding ring. I’ve never worn a ring or any other jewelry in my life, and at first I thought I was going to go insane from the uncomfortableness of it…not so much the feeling of the ring on my ring finger, but the feeling of the ring bumping on my middle and pinkie. Augh!

Only my fanatical devotion to my wife gave the the strength to keep wearing it. Now after three years I barely feel it and have been known to take a quick look at my hand to make sure the damn thing is still on. I do take it off when I have to garden, or mow the lawn, or use a shovel, or move heavy objects…anything that you have to grip tightly over a long time can cause blisters.

Anyway, jewelry never made any sense to me, and I’d never wear any, except my wife wants me to. Ah well.

…and the ring passed out of all knowledge. Until, when chance came, it ensnared a new bearer…

I wear 2. A wedding band (sorry ladies) and another gold & onyx number on the other hand. Like **BoringDad **I get the most tremendous kicks absently banging them on steel pipes. I often fail to remember to remove them when working on the cars. Which is bad on my part. In the Army motor pool there was a poster of a hand with 3 perfectly good fingers (and a good thumb) and one finger which was just the bones. Beside this was a boneless/nail-less (the nail was attatched to the bone interestingly enough) finger with a wedding bend at it’s base. The caption was “Remove the ring, not your finger.” Nevertheless I almost lost my finger in that same motor pool because of the ring. Actually, it was because I failed to remember to remove it, my precious was perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing.

My point is, after a month or so, I forget I have them on.