Nasty metal! It bites! How do people stand the feeling of rings on their fingers?

Another take on the whole ring thing:

While I thoroughly enjoy my jewelry, it must all be nickel-free. I find that any jewelry with nickel content irritates my skin until I take it off. Generally, I have removed said items by noon, and my skin stops telling me about it by mid-afternoon. Therefore, I do not wear gold jewelry, as anything less than pure gold is generally alloyed with nickel, for strength. Sterling silver works well for me, though.

A former boyfriend established his territory by giving me tons of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in 18K gold, and got really upset with me whenever I took something off. By lunchtime, all my jewelry would be in my purse and he’d be steamed. He didn’t care why I wouldn’t wear the stuff, and I didn’t care for his possessive attitude.