"Skateboarding ruined my life"

Is this saying, which I have seen on a bumper sticker, just a joke? I thought maybe it was a true statement, so I was looking around online and found t-shirts as well. So I guess it’s a joke.

Just wondering.

Well, living in a place where skateboarders are quite thick on the ground, I’d say it was a joke. Kind a takeoff on the “skateboarding is not a crime” sentiment. In other words, quit treating skateboarding like it’s some sort of menace to society.

A lot of public places have posted no skateboarding laws, to prevent pedestrians from being mown down and to protect various features of the landscape and arcitecture that are attractive to skaters who want to practice tricks and jumps.

I wouldn’t necessarily want my kid skateboarding, becuase of the safety factor, but other than that I just think it’s kind of weird. Oh well, I guess they really like it. I like to knit and it is making my left thumb go numb but I’m not stopping. Some people would tell me to stop.