Am I allowed to ask a question about a specific brand/item?

If so, does anyone here have any experience with a SkeeterVac or similar device?

The mosquitoes are bad here this year and I am considering buying one. Going online I can read many favourable reviews, but I would trust a Doper recommendation more than any other.

Yep, you’re allowed to ask. But I think your thread will do better in IMHO than it will in Cafe Society, so I’ll move it there for you.

We were looking at a Mosquito Magnet. A customer of mind had an overabundance of mosquitos in their heavily wooded back yard. They were thrilled with the results of the Mosquito Magnet. They’re just so damned expensive that I wasn’t going to get one without a little more “evidence” than that.

You might want to read this.

Wowza. Good find, Czarcasm. Thanks!

Other than the poor record of Mosquito Magnet, is the science behind the technology sound?