Skiing accident

That’s gotta suck

At least the photos don’t show the poor guy’s face.

Chairlift 1, Dignity 0.

I think I would have been able to reach up and release my boot from the binding, although you probably wouldn’t want to fall upside down like that from any distance greater than a few feet, even onto snow.

I say cash settlement.

Since he’s ok, we can laugh, right?

I just got back from a week at Snowmass and Aspen and we were pretty lucky. The weird Aspen bomb plot didn’t affect us in the least;
We narrowly beat the snowstorms that came in to make it out to DIA on time;
No lift mishaps.

Yet another reason to always ski in bib pants, and always spot your chair on its way in. What’s the bet that one of those pics finds its way to the pack page of Powder.

I see the fellow dangled his dongle on a Vail lift – that brings back some nasty memories, for I was in the back bowls when a couple of Eagle’s Nest gondolas dropped, killing four and injuring eight others.

…pack page of Powder?
…in the back bowls?
…Eagles Nest gondolas?

What is this language you speak?

…peck pege-a ooff Pooder?
…in zee beck bools?
…Iegles Nest gundules?

Vhet is thees lungooege-a yuoo speek?

Skee telk!

I’m not the world’s most experienced skier, and I for all I know they do things very differently in Colorado, but can someone please explain to me how the man’s pants apparently fell *upwards *while he was dangling upside down?

Or was he wearing a kilt in the ‘traditional style’?
I might actually need to try that this spring…

I’ve hung upside down by a foot (for practice).

It gets rather painful and unpleasant FAST.

I am sure that guy thought it took way more time for them to get him down than it actually did.

My best guess is that his pants caught on some part of the chair as he fell.

Ahhh, skee telk! All is clear now. :slight_smile:

Never having been a skier, don’t you wear undies under your ski clothes?

Your mother was right, when she told you never to leave home with dirty underwear.

As far as the guy’s “exposure” was concerned . . . the most embarrassing thing was that it was cold! (You guys know what I mean.)

Oh snap!

I can’t remember the name of the fellow, but in 1995 at the Telemark World Champtionships in Hafjell, Norway, a Scots member of the UK team did a full layout in a kilt over a hut – revealing his member to all. There was a lovely photo of his flip posted on a tele site, but I’ve lost track of it.

(As far as chairlifts go, his brother (who was also on the UK team) tried to toss me from a chairlift the next year in Whistler, Canada, at the 1996 Worlds, but he was not wearing a kilt at the time, and neither of us ended up naked.)

How come the photos don’t have “FAIL!” or “PWNED!” stamped on them?

Could be worse… He could’ve shit himself. I bet many people would in such a situation.

They shrink? I don’t know how you guys live with those things.

Skiing Commando has a new meaning.

Who ski’s without covering the junk, honestly!

I have looked at the picture a bunch of times and I cannot figure out for the life of me how he ended up like that. Either way, I hope he gets a wad of mula for shrinkage.
(Sidenote: A friend was on a ski life out in Colorado ( don’t know what resort) and the guy in the lift ahead of him somehow fell off at the highest point and as you can imagine, died shortly thereafter. I don’t know any of the details, but our friend and his buddy were key witnesses to the whole thing and were flown back for the trial, which was conveniently during ski season.)

I’m going to show my wife this picture so she’ll stop complaining my helmet looks stupid.

How the other people in those photos remain standing upright with serious looks on their faces, I’ll never know.