Skin disorder? (May be TMI)

I have odd little bumps all over my upper arms, sort of like Mini-acne without heads. Or permanant goosebumps. This occurs on my upper legs and thighs also. I have seen this on other people, but it seems rare or they just cover it up better.
I have used acne cream on it, and even used moisturizers. (going to try dark tanning next) I am not sure what it is. It has caused me no harm, other than a negative aesthetic appeal.
Does anybody else have this and know what it is? Is there a way to get rid of it other than going to a dermatologist and getting it removed with some kind of laser therapy?

See a doc.


It’s probably keratosis pilaris. I’ve got it, too. Still follow Qadgop’s advice and see a dermatologist. It’s annoying, but not really harmful.

If this is keratosis pilaris, you could try an alpha hydroxy body lotion. Get one recommended by a pharmacist as the strength of the alpha hydroxy will be stronger than any body lotion in the health and beauty aisle. After about a week of applying this lotion to the affected areas, you should notice much smoother skin. The alpha hydroxy lotion removes the top layers of dead skin so the younger, smoother skin can surface. Good Luck.