Skin is peeling. Anything I can do?

I know there’s nothing I can do to save the skin itself. I was just wondering if there is something I can do to help speed the healing process up. At this point I’m pretty much tempted to take a S.O.S. steel wool pad and start scrubing all the flakes away.

Thanks in advance for any input…

I guess I should clarify that my skin is peeling due to a sunburn. (In case that wasn’t obvious.)

I think a milder exfoliant than steel wool would be more appropriate. My personal favorite is St Ives apricot scrub.

When my husband starts peeling (and I expect him to start peeling again in about 10 days or so, he’s going to the lake on Sunday) I simply sit next to him on the couch, tweezers in hand, and start pulling off the dead skin in long strips. This amuses me and annoys him, so it has a double benefit.

If you have no spouse or SO with a tweezer fetish, there are these bath gloves that most drugstores carry. They’re one size fits all, and they will gently remove excess skin. But you can’t have MY pair. These gloves are great for people who tend to get ingrown hairs, too, by the way.

When the skin peels off, save each and every little flake as well as the big, entact pieces. As exposed skin is revealed, quickly rub superglue on the exposed patch. Before the glue sets, carefully smooth the collected flakes and bigger bits on the drying superglue in a mosaicpattern fitting to your current mood. When the glue sets paint an emulsion of flour and water over the top of the drying skin/superglue layer. Finally, paint with a bicarbonate of soda mixture and finish with a light rub with a fine grade sandpaper.

You might want to finish that off with a coat of Ronseal 1 Year 1 Coat Skin Varnish. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Staples. Lots of staples.

don’t worry about it…once the change really gets underway you’ll be too busy fighting the killing urge to worry about some stupid peeling skin

and those bumps? those are just where the tentacles are developing.

About the only thing you can do is PATIENTLY go for the ‘Biggest Piece of Peeled Skin’ record.