Skin sparkles ... and NOT on Edward Cullen. How?

Could it possibly be shimmer lotion?

Warning: zombie thread.

The reason I have found this is because today I was looking at my skin and wondered…wtf does it shine like this sometimes. I can remember being in the barracks in Cherry Point Nc. Playing basketball with some of my boys. When I looked at the smoke pit area and saw this girl eye fucking me from the bench she was on. I was just playing basketball but I could hear ask the girl she was sitting to frantically… "Hey, hey, do you see him? Why is he shinning. Hes glowing like Twilight all sparkly. Now this stopped the game because all rhe other male marines I was balling with got mad and wanted to know too. We all tried to figure it out. We never did. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. Its not just sweat. Sometimes i will sparkle and not have a drop out sweat on me. It is really freaky and insanely cool to certain ppl. Including me. But I dont get it. HATE ME, BUT MY SKIN SPARKLES😉 & im cool with it.

Ok, I will.
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Lmao dont hate me haha. But what what said is true and ive been long wondering the question asked. Hoping I wasnt a vampire or it didnt mean cancer lol

I’m reluctant to add my comments to this thread, but I will note that I saw something similar once about 15 years ago. I was standing in line for a roller coaster behind a very dark skinned teenage girl and I saw a number of tiny, isolated sparkling particles on her skin. It’s possible that it was sweat (although I don’t think I’ve ever seen tiny isolated sparkling droplets of sweat on otherwise dry skin) and it’s possible that it was glitter of some kind (although I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wearing such a very small amount of glitter).

Cool-tastic !

In the years since, it seems to have become a well-known (internet) phenomena.

Hi, I know my response is super late but I made an account just to reply to you! I have this “condition”. I’m not black but I am very tanned/brown skin. I also get your frustration with describing how it’s IN the skin. My skin sparkles (subtly but it is very noticable once pointed out) after being in the sun. Usually after coming from the beach so I know it’s not from lotions or soap or whatever).

I’d love to know if you’d figure out the cause of this. I’ve had this since I was young but never got an answer except for people joking that I’m a vampire.

Wow I’m so sorry I have never seen such an ignorant comment section w all due respect. You’ve gotta be the first white person I’ve ever heard notice this & ask. I just wanna know how did you get to see this under a microscope?

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