I'm glowing!

According to the box, it’s “the glow of youth”. It looks suspiciously like the glow of an oil based product with sparkly stuff in it. It’s more of a shine than a glow. And I do remember being rather shiney in my teens, the result of having 2 gallons of oil oozing from my pores. So my money was well spent on a product that brought back the glorious days of puberty, minus the pimples and with sparkles. :slight_smile:

So, not pregnant?

My pimples oozed out sparkely stuff. Your’s didn’t? Gosh you’re weird.

Are you sure that shiny stuff isn’t going to create pimples? Maybe the sparkles clog pores or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be glowing too if I had a talking box.

Well that’s a great thought, Ferret Herder! As if a big old white head weren’t bad enough, just cap it with a mini disco ball to get that strobe effect. I wonder if CVS will take my jar back now that I’ve opened it. Damned light reflecting beads!

That’s what I thought too. But it looks like this glowing comes handily in a box, and without morning sickness!

I have some minimally sparkly stuff I’ve been using lately too. Guess what! It maximizes the appearance of wrinkles, those fucking liars! :frowning:

Well, I was worried about our hillbilly queen . She had started two threads, close together, titled Do you have food items that should have been thrown out? and I’m glowing! Kinda made me wonder just what she had in her fridge.:eek:

Soon to come: Spawn of What Glows in Your Refrigerator Sequential Thread Titles!!!

Hey! The other thread was started ages ago, (yesterday).

Horses sweat.
Men perspire.
Women glow.

and god sits there laughing his arse off.

persipration - the divine in-joke.

Wouldn’t a thin coat of Vaseline make you shiney too? Or does it just put you in soft-focus like it did for Cybil Shpherd in Moonlighting?