Market for Vulva-scented "perfume"?

Through another site, I discovered this product

(warning: ads that are not safe for work!)

Apparently, some company has figured out a way to preserve the scent of a woman, so to speak, and has bottled it. What do dopers have to say about this? I didn’t really go too deeply into the website, so I did not find out much information about it. I was wondering if there is some “queen” producing this product or is it synthetic?

And I searched about this on the SDMB and didn’t see any relevant threads so I am sorry if I have duplicated this.

Would you buy/use this? Who is the target market? Men?

Having done a lot of gynecology in my medical career, I’d have to say there is no one particular characteristic odor from that region that one would want to try to make money off of. Trichomonas and bacterial vaginitis each have their characteristic smells, but it would, in my opinion, be extremely unwise to try to market said scents commercially.

What about the normal healthy vagina smell, though? Aren’t there some people who like that?

“Eau d’ Low Tide?”

Probably not conceptually different than something I saw in the early 80s when I was sneaking peeks at my dad’s stash of Playboys: A perfume named “Sweaty Balls” designed to smell like its name. The atomizer was even shaped like a penis – and yes, it had two dangling bellows.

An infection-free vagina does not smell like fish. Perhaps you have forgotten. Please don’t perpetuate this misogynistic, hateful stereotype.

I’d have to say there’s no one scent that says ‘normal and healthy’. It ranges from ‘doesn’t smell’ to a wide number of non-offensive to even pleasant odors. But I’d be hard-pressed to pick one odor that stands out as typical.

My opinion on this matter is based on multiple multiple anecdotes, and don’t represent a scientific conclusion.

You mean there’s no pie chart?

Yes, but a prison doctor who has performed a lot of gynecology exams is the best we’ve got.

Who was this supposed to be attractive to?

Why would someone buy what they already have, free of charge? That would be like buying underarm deodorant that smells like B.O. Just don’t bathe for a few days. Or use your not-so-fresh undies.

Maybe it’s for men- to attract the most competitive of women.

That was what as known in the slang as “a joke”. :rolleyes:

From what I have been able to glean from the ads, apparently if you are a man, you buy it to put on your hand to get that whiff of a woman’s genitals that turns you on. Otherwise, it’s not being marketed as a perfume or cologne, it’s apparently a solo turn-on product. By the way, is it me, or are the video and photographic ads for this product a bit subtle? :wink:

When a “joke” perpetuates a nasty, offensive stereotype and derogates an entire group of people, it’s not funny. Ask black people who can’t swim or Jews that want all of your money or Asian men with small penises or any number of groups. It’s not funny, and isn’t fit for a site dedicated to fighting ignorance, either.

Ew de cologne stinks like Russian Volvo.
How so comrade?
Only party leaders and party girls ride in party Volvos. Volvos smell like Russian party girls vulva.

That’s weird, although I do think the url is clever.

Actually in the right circumstances all those jokes are funny, It’s only not funny if it’s meant maliciously or made in ignorance. Neither apply here.

It’s a masturbation tool for men. Basically smello-porn. Not a bad idea, really.

This post is made of awesome. I award you one Internets.