Skin tabs on the dog

Toby (pictured on the right, in the hat) has always had skin tabs - at least since I rescued him. Last month, a new one appeared on the underside of his snout. It seemed to have appeared overnight (I have no idea), and was probably twice as big as any of his other ones. I took him in to the vet a few days later to take a look, and get some other things done.

Prognosis: Skin tab. No big deal. If I wanted to, I could have him put under “reversible anesthesia” and have it lasered off, but I passed on the opportunity to give the vet even more of my money. He assured me that having skin tabs is no big deal.

Yesterday, I was petting Toby, went to check out his s’tab, and it basically crumbled at my touch. Nearly totally gone, save for a little fleck of skin that’ll probably flake off in the next week. The crumbly bits seemed to be dried blood.

Is a skin tab indicative of anything more sinister? Seems to have some of the characteristics of a hemorrhage.