skin tags

The little stick out thingies that form on my neck.
What causes them?
Can they be prevented?
How can you get rid of them.Painlessly.
I know a razor scrapes away those that form near my beard.
Pulling them off is a little like poking yourself with a pin.
They have a blood supply.At least they bleed when whacked off with a razor.

To answer your two questions:

  1. No one knows.
  2. No.

I did hear many years on Dr. Dean Edell that “someone” had published a study that found that people with “abnormally high” numbers of skin tags also seemed to more predisposed to colon polyps. Don’t know if that is widely accepted, though.

Plug [skin tags] into Google. You’ll get all the info you need.

Apparently they can be associated with obesity and an increased risk of diabetes (although there’s not necessarily a clear cause and effect there, just a statistical correlation).

I get them under my arms and if they get really big I tie them off with cotton (mine tend to have too substantial a ‘stalk’ to just pull or cut).

I heard yesterday on CNN that skin cancer can be treated like genital warts.
I wonder why skin tags can’t be treated the same way??
Compound W says not to treat moles with their product. I wonder about using it for skin tags???
Do MD’s treat each tag as a seperate surgical treatment when removing them?
I think I have several small ones on the back of my neck.Its beginning to get uncomfortable .

My dermatologist just shaves them off flush with the skin. That’s the extent of the surgery. If they’re large, then he clips them. I also believe that a lot of them (mine, anyway) have a set price for “one to several” removals. (I just don’t recall what the “several” is.)

However, they send them to a pathologist, and I wonder if the pathologist charges for each one. If so, that could be some serious bucks. Old people used to say “tie it off with a hair.” Makes since, cut off the blood supply, and in a few days it drops off.