SkipMAgic - Why did you close the picture thread? (lame)

I was carefulling watching that thread. There were a few ongoing discussions I was watching in it.

Not since people have posted a few pics of their cats, you closed it?

It had over 600 posts. People liked it. I cannot see what was harmed in leaving it be. Isn’t it the responsibility of the MODS to correct people if they stray off topic? Shouldn’t you be encouraging them to start another thread?

Maybe the thread itself had strayed a bit, but why close it?

Because it was a retarded jack-off fest?

Pretty much SOP for hijacked threads. See the Sean Astin thread in CS.

If a thread is new and hasn’t already reached, say, thirteen pages, I think rescuing it from a hijack can be a noble thing indeed. If, on the other hand, it’s a picture thread that’s lasted for as long as the closed thread in question–with the last handful of posts dedicated to pet photos–then a closing is kinda like a mercy killing. (Only, less blood.) Hijacks at the end of multi-page threads like that one usually indicate that the discussion has run out of steam. There’s no sense in prolonging its life; might as well make room on the front page for newer threads.

Besides, a new picture thread tends to pop up every few weeks or so (or even every few months). If you wait long enough, someone will start a new thread and people will be rushing to it to tell the world how nice I look.

Good enough.

Now you can close this one.


I don’t see how that’s possible. Every time I look at a photo of you I can’t really discern any features because of the great shining reflection off of your ethereal pallor…


Please. Being pale to the point of transparency simply means I’m undead.

Run faster.

You can run? :confused: I thought zombies lurched. :dubious:

Just did, solely out of curiosity on why it was closed. Aeschines’ done more hijacking than Carlos the Jackal.

To his own thread, no less. That’s gotta earn some kind of special recognition.

Yeah, but it’s an extremely brisk lurch.

Please, tell us how you really feel?

Skippy isn’t undead, he’s undread. His hair can’t make those neato ropey looking things.

He’s also unbread. Not unbred, but rather, he has no dough with which to bake.

Where did all those pastries come from then, I wonder …?

Last, but not next to last, I once hijacked one of my own threads in the OP! Top that.

Oh, goody–now I can tell everyone they must have missed my pic in that huge thread somewhere…heheheheh.

And I thought that SkipMagic was invinsbile, not undead.

No, no, no, he’s unfed. That’s why the poor guy was so cranky. Here you go, Skip, I baked some cookies for you. Eat, eat!