skipping and cd's

suppose i have a very good skip-proof cd player, maybe what with that ESP or something. anyhow, i am listening to my tunes, and what do you know but my new Looper cd is soo good i can’t help but skip down the street.

now this compact disc of mine is really getting a good jostling. but i don’t know this, because the music is playing as error-free as ever.

is the cd getting muffed up? or rather, can this messw up a cd without you even noticing it?


I doubt it… Unless you jog in an extroardinarily athletic fashion, no physical pieces of metal or plastic or anything will touch the bottom of the disc. I think.


The objective lens never comes into contact with the disc. The feedback loop that controls the focus (distance between lens & disc surface) is strong enough to resist any external movement. The only time I saw a lens touch a disc was in a machine with a blown focus driver chip. It sent a high current throught the focus coil causing it to move to the extreme outward position during the initicl focus search phase when the table of contents is being read.

i was thinking less about the lens effing the cd up, and more along the lines of the cd scraping along the top of the bottom of the cd player (the bottom surface, in which the lens/laser apparatus is housed- sorry if this is still unclear).

i mean, i’ve fucked cd’s up somehow before, and they had deep circular grooves running around the disc. not from jogging, mind you. i’ve never jogged (or skipped) while listening to a discman- but because all of my discmen have been cheap-ass models that skip if the barometer drops too sharply, and not out of any cd-preservation instinct.