Skippy Peanut Butter a Stolen Trademark?

I read on the internet that Skippy Peanut Butter stole
their name and original logo from a cartoon character
named Skippy, created by Percy Crosby in the 20’s.

Allegedly, some evil guys from Best Foods stole the
popular cartoon character, and had the guy who created
the character put into a mental hospital to ‘take care
of him.’

It sounds somewhat outlandish, nevertheless, there were
pictures of Skippy the cartoon character, including a Life
magazine cover.

Is there truth to this story?

Geez. The daughter of the guy who created the Skippy character says her father’s creation was stolen by the Evil Corporate Conglomerate, and she’s using the Internet to sound the rallying cry for lovers of peanut butter justice everywhere.

Eh, evidently Ms. Tibbetts has been slapped with a court order making her remove certain remarks from her website.

“Everybody’s picking on me! Join my crusade!” Sheesh. :rolleyes:

My father, the political prisoner!"

“It’s all a conspiracy! I was only a simple housewife!”

Here’s Best Foods’ side of it.

But Tibbetts won that. She got the order overturned:

That’s part of what made me wonder if there were some
credibility to it.