SK's "Desperation" and "The Regulators"...which shoudl be read first?

I finally got a copy of both books, (and yes, I know “The Regulators” is technically a Richard Bachman book).
I found “The Regulators” at the used book store, and then bought a PB copy of “Desperation” Friday night.

I know they tie together somehow; does it matter which one is read first? If it doesn’t really matter, which one do you think should be read first?

I have to finish John Grisham’s “Skipping Christmas” first (oh, shut up :stuck_out_tongue: ) and then will be in need a something to read.

Read them in either order, it makes no difference. The plots are not linked to each other.

The link is that both books have the same set of characters fighting a malevolelntly evil presense with nearly god-like power that has posessed one of the characters. The settings are different (middle-class suburb vs. small southwestern town), as is the character posessed. Different characters die and survive, depending on the particular situation. Whether the evil presense is the same is somewhat ambiguous.

I’d suggest reading The Regulators first, primarily because it was the first published (by a few weeks or months IIRC). Also, Desperation has a somewhat more satisfying conclusion.

And I might add…
Yes, I’m embarrassed that I misspelled “should” in the thread title, but I didn’t preview because I wanted the quotes.
Also, do these two tie in with any other King/Bachman books?

Oh, and no spoilers, please!

No ties that I remember, but it’s been awhile. I wouldn’t dream of posting spoilers, and I’m pretty good about posting spoiler warnings.

I read “Desperation” first and found it IMHO a much better read than “The Regulators”.(Explaining why would contain possible spoilers !)
Regarding possible connections to other Stephen King novels, I´m coming more and more to the conclusion that somehow
most of his stories connect in some way or the other.There are just too many references and character tie-ins in his books.
(i.e Imsomnia,The Stand, Hearts of Atlantis, some of his short stories, the Talisman, Black House all leading to the Dark Tower series).
In some stories its more obvious then in others though…

How does the picture go from left to right?

As an apathetic bookstore employee, I was told that it was important to read the books from left to right. The two covers form a single surrealistic scene.

Nah, never got around to reading 'em.

Read Desperation first, that’s the way I did it.

I think they may be tied together, somehow. I got the feeling that ‘The Regulators’ was a dream that one of the characters in ‘Desperation’ had.

I read The Regulators first, and it made sense that way. My mother read Desperation first, and she said it made sence too. Read whatever one you want to.

I forgot to say, The Regulators is a more surrealistic book.

I forgot to say, The Regulators is a more surrealistic book.

I read The Regulators first. I hated it! (As a huge SK fan, that hurts me to say that. But I suppose I’m really speaking poorly of Mr. Bachman! ;))

As someone else suggested, Desperation has a more satisfying end, so I think you should read it last.

Also, isn’t Cynthia the same character from Rose Madder? Remember she was one of the girls who was at the shelter with Rose?

Thanks for all your replies.
I’m going to go with “Regulators” first.

monster, I was off King for a while, but got hooked again with “Green Mile” and “Bag of Bones”. How is “Rose Madder”? That’s one I haven’t read, either.

Damn, I never noticed that. But I think you’re right - it’s either her or one hell of coincidence.

For the OP, it really doesn’t matter which order you read 'em in.

This is Stephen King we are talking about, of course it is the same character.

Kinsey, I liked Rose Madder. It’s not one of his best, but it is a good read.

i’m a huge SK, and my advice is to throw both books in the trashcan and pretend they don’t exist.

You’re a huge SK what ? :wink:

[sub]that should say i’m a huge SK fan. oops[/sub]
[sub]zoot, sneaking off to hide her naughty wicked face[/sub]