Stephen King’s Desperation is on tonight for three hours. I don’t know yet if there is another part to it. I am watching A.I. and taping Desperation, but thought I’d start this up so others can jump on in when they’re ready.
Ron Perlman already looks creepy in the promos. He’s just got that kind of face…

Just the one part, from everything I’ve been able to find. The ABC site only mentions one night.

That might be about right. It’s not an epic, like The Stand, and the story plays out pretty quickly.

I don’t remember much about the book, except that it was pretty violent. I’m gonna TiVo so I can zap the commercials. (Don’t tell ABC.) :slight_smile:

Oooh, I am so stoked! Ron Perlman is just perfect for this role, and Mick Garris is a kickass director. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, too. I hope my local ABC affiliate doesn’t mess things up with weather bulletins. One of the worst things about living in Tornado Alley is the frequent attacks by teevee meteorologists who seek their fifteen minutes of fame every time there is a thunderstorm within a 100-mile radius.

Dammit. I wanted to see this, but didn;t realize it was tonight. Now I missd hte first half hour, and am wathcing House, so…
Maybe they’ll run a repeat of it at some point. But hey! It’s got that guy from Wings! No, not him, the guy who played his brother! No, that was Tony Shalub, thecab driver, he’s Monk now…no, that was the dumb mechanic he was in Sideways! The lazy, lay-about brother!

It’s not too bad so far. I wish this was The Regulators instead, but I’m not seeing that one translating will without being rated M or NC-17 for the extreme violence and dead kids. Oh well.

It’s pretty good so far, but I’m not sure how they’ll fit it into 3 hours. Though, the book did have a LOT of build up. It was like 400 pages before he got everyone into town.

I love Perlman. I have a world of warcraft character named after one of his characters. :wink:


Thank you! :smiley:

I was trying to remember the name of the book and couldn’t. I’ve read most of his novels (other than the Dark Tower series), yet The Regulators was one I just could never finish. It weirded me out way too much, and that takes some doing.

Maybe one of these days I’ll try again :slight_smile:

Now let’s see if I actually watch Desperation now that I’m recording it :smiley:

I’m taping it here too. If my gramma had to miss Idol, she’d shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve read the book twice, and frankly, I’m expecting the movie to suck in comparison, as is the case more often than not. Which is going to make the book suck the next time I read it, because instead of my graphic imagination running the show, I’ll have the characters from the movie in my head.

Desperation is one of my least favorite King books, so I wasn’t expecting too much here. I didn’t really start watching until after American Idol. However, I thought it translated to the screen very well. I also really like the Wings guy (Steven Weber?) I still think the ending was weak…you have this incredibly powerful ancient demon wreaking this unimaginable havoc, then

it’s defeated by an explosion. Lame! Also, too much Jesus. My husband, who doesn’t read King, took the entire movie as proselytizing. I don’t think that’s what King had in mind at all; it just happens to be part of the character of David.

I covered my eyes during any scene containing a spider.

Meant to ask: Did Steve do any cameos in this one?

I must say I didn’t care too much for this one. Definitely not one of my favorite Stephen King movies (no, I haven’t read the book). First, I thought it was going to be a mini-series but it isn’t. I thought they were wrapping it up pretty fast! It was a little bit “churchy” for my tastes, with all the “Pray, David!” stuff. The story didn’t impress me. It kind of seemed like King recycled different parts of several of his other stories and threw them together for this one.

I think there’s supposed to be another Stephen King movie airing soon. Does anyone know what it is, and when it will air? Thanks!

I hear they’re doing an 8-week series from Nightmares & Dreamscapes starting in July.

Ah, yes. I found it. Here’s a link if anyone is interested.

Autopsy Room 4 seems like a difficult one to film. To film well, anyway.

I read both the books (Desperation and The Regulators) and I really enjoyed them. I liked the transposition of characters from one book to the next. Same guys, totally reversed roles.

I bought the books as a set so I got to read them back to back, which really brought that to the forefront.

Not bad, not as good or as terrible as some previous King-to-screen attempts.
The kid actor seemed kind of lifeless, but I really liked Ron Perlman.

Wow, that was horrible. What was worst than this one? It was incoherent and preachy. The silent film came seemed more comedic than anything else, with the music and all, as did the Vietnam flashback. What is this demon? What is the poing of the whole thing? The first hour was decent for the most part, but when Perlman started baby-talking I knew something was up. “tak-a-lak”?

That’s demon-talk, of course. For pete’s sake, haven’t you ever been possessed before? :wink:

Just got around to watching it and didn’t hate it. Ron Perlman’s character was perfectly played and his dialogue was well-written. It looked like he had fun doing it.

Spoiler for part of the ending:

I’m puzzled by Tak’s words at the end, when he was telling Skerritt “Don’t do that!”. He didn’t sound like an age-old demon, did he? I’m gonna re-read that part, see if King meant for Tak to adapt his vernacular to whoever he’s talking to.