Skulls delivered to BYU

Halloween greeting or artifacts for the History dept.? No one knows.

One of my brothers works for UPS, and he likes to tell the story about when he was a floor manager in one of the processing points. Packages came down a conveyor belt to be sorted by workers. One item, a large, sealed plastic bucket burst open and released a flood of formaldehyde and several decapitated human heads.

Bro tells me one of the floor workers fainted dead away. They had to call for an ambulance, local police, and federal law enforcement, since the package originated from another state.

Turned out, it was a medical research facility shipping “materials” to another site, and whoever shipped it didn’t follow the normal protocols, because then you can’t ship it UPS overnight or something.

Can anyone guess the straight line he used when he concluded that the persons responsible were duly punished?

“Heads did roll”?

Yesterday I signed for a package containing human eyes, but at least I (more or less) knew why we were receiving them. And the package was very, very well-marked.

Either the shipper of the heads was an idiot, or I’d be very wary of that company - just having to ship out small blood samples, it was made extremely clear to me how many packing/labeling/shipping regulations I had to follow.

Onion: Anonymous Hero Donates Hospital 200 Human Kidneys

I’m sure they were just trying to get ahead. Now they’ve got two!

Sounds like Sauron’s operating out of Colorado these days…and he’s released some old prisoners.