Skunkweed = good or bad weed?

I thought skunkweed was good stuff and skankweed was bad stuff.

Not that I have any experience with any of that.

The stuff with the red threads in it was the best. Or so I’ve heard.

Ditch weed is a common term, and is used to denote low THC plants. There are species of the cannabis or hemp plant that grow wild, and they’re usually roadside weeds, hence the name.

Skunk is now a generic term for quality weed, and can be applied to many different strains of marijuana (both indica and sativa), as it has been extensively crossbred.

“The War at Home” (a sitcom) did a show about exactly this. And people say it’s a shit show. Go figure. :smiley:

Yep, my uncles are all over 65 live in Vermont, and all grow their own. I love it. All of them Philosopher’s, nothing like sitting on a huge open porch, lakeside sharing the pipe weed talking about everythig and nothing at the same time. Give me a stick to whittle and a glass of iced tea. I’m in heaven…

Here in central Ohio, skunk weed is just what it sounds like: pot that smells like a skunk. It can be either good or bad. Me, I don’t like the smell/taste of any of it. Spicy/piney for me, thankyaverymuch!

Did I say ME?? I meant…um…my friend. Yeah, that’s it. My friend. :slight_smile:

If someone told me that they had some of the aforementioned skunk, I would have high expectations.