Skunkweed = good or bad weed?

I have always used this term to designate bad quality weed, but the other day I was watching an old Strangers WIth Candy where Jerri Blank seems to nod affirmingly at some good pot and says mmm…skunkweed. Of course Jerri is slow, but she should know her pot, and maybe that’s the joke, but was wondering how others view the term. Cheers!

Answer: Good Weed.
[sup]And I thought this was a thread about skunk cabbage. [/sup]

The general rule is: the stinkier the better.

skunks = stinky.

Skunky = good

The really bad stuff was usually referred to as Ditch Weed in these parts.

We always called it dirty weed. As in, the good stuff is grown in hydroponics, the bad stuff is grown in dirt.

The weird thing is that it really does smell just like skunks. If you’ve ever smoked good pot, and if you’ve also ever driven past a place where a skunk sprayed…the smells are really uncannily alike.


Another vote for good weed. It was always understood to be a specific kind of good weed. Not every good weed is skunk. Only the stuff that smells like a skunk.

I know [ahem] a few people who may not completely agree with that. Yes, Hydro can be and often is good [from what I gather] but there are some equally very nice cloned stuff grown in mineral rich, black as the night sky, Dirt.

Now the Ditch weed Kalhoun is refering to is usually likened to being grown in a ditch or the side of a highway or road, there for we call it ditch weed, or more nicely put, Brown Frown, or schwag.

Not long ago I, I mean a friend, got a real shitty batch that has this really overpowering sickly sweet smell- what the hell was that? You could literally smell it from 10 feet away. And do dishonest purveyors of shit weed have a method of making it least smell like some sort of decent weed?

The ex had a couple bushels of it back in the day. It was good in a pinch.

Mostly, people would use it to stretch their better pot.

This morning?

Prolly not. He’s been dead for 12 years.

And what do you gather? :cool:

Ooop… gosh Kal, I’m sorry. Obviously I’d no idea.

No problem, my friend! We’re cool. (Way cooler than me and the ex were!)

Skunk weed = Good

Skunk beer = bad
And back in my pot smoke’n days you could actually FIND skunk weed for about $25 a 1/4 ounce! Easily. (As opposed to what? about $50 or more these days?)
We used to refer to our bad weed as “Dirt weed” or “Downtown brown”.

A few years back I went up to my mom’s for a visit…ran into an old friend who had the KILLER skunk (aka KGB). I procured a small amount for future ummm therapeutic purposes. I forgot it was in my pocket and as soon as I walked in Mom asked if I had hit a skunk or stepped in fresh dog doo…I quickly returned to my car, left the buds and told mom I must have stepped in a pile…jeesss…Mid 40’s and still hiding my pot from my mom, LOL.


I occasionally blow a doobie with my 78 year old dad. Ya gotta love it.

Weekends at my parents’ house are amusing. You’ve got my mom, the red-haired cheerful office worker, dad, the cantankerous old guy, my husband, the middle-aged teenager, me, the young angry political activist, my sister, the young angry redhead, and my sister’s boyfriend, the only one out of all of us who actually looks like a pothead.

When friends pop in it’s quite amusing to see the looks on their faces.


And here I thought adulthood was when you stop hiding your pot from your folks and start hiding it from your kids! :smiley:

Skunk weed is good weed that smells skunky. Bad weed is Nebraska No-High.

Weed that smells sweet may have been grown in a fruit orchard, according to a friend of mine.