Slang terms for a very small unit of measurement

When I was a kid growing up in NE Ohio, we’d refer to a “skinch” of something: “Move over a skinch,” “Gimme a skinch more juice,” “I think he likes her a skinch.”

What did you say when you were a kid? Do you say anything different now?

A skosh more.
Just a touch more.

An “RCH”…“Red C*nt Hair”

As a kid? Shucks, I still say it.

These, plus “nubbin.”

“Gry:” 1/100 of an inch (A unit proposed by John Locke --OED)
(Nevermind. It’s not in the spirit of the OP, as it was never slang, and not something I’ve ever heard used.)

‘Titch’…probably an alteration of ‘touch’, but definitely meant as ‘titch’. But that’s mostly deliberately cutesy. More often ‘a bit’.

We lived in Japan when I was little, so ‘skosh’ was in common usage in our household when I was growing up. ‘Skosh’ is a close phonetic approximation of the Japanese ‘sukoshi’, which means ‘a little bit’.

Mite: A little. It’s a mite nippy out.

A hair.
A wee bit.
A titch.

A small volume of some substance is “a thing.” “I just need a thing of icing sugar.”


Now that I’m an adult, I prefer “ee bit.”

In sailing, we measure in cunt-hairs.

As in: “We’re luffing. Sheet in that jib just a cunt-hair.”

Closely related: a tidge.

Yep. Learned this from my dad. Smallest and rarest unit of measure.

And I still use it, too. I’ll be passing this on to my kid. :cool:


Ahoy there!

There are actually differing degrees of fineness for cunt hairs. A brown cunt hair is slightly larger than a red cunt hair, but the smallest of them all is a blond cunt hair.

Nobody uses prefixes with words like this? Milli, micro, nano, pico- … ?

But it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of one little poster doesn’t amount to a femto-hill of beans in this crazy world.

I use metric for larger amounts, such as kilobucks.

I can’t think of anything interesting I say, but my mother always said a sconch. I think she misheard skosh as a kid and stuck with it.

When a girl holds up her hand, and her thumb and index finger are close together, with no words at all she’s describing something that’s pretty small.

If you say so, DiGriz.

“Scant”; which IS correct usage as in “just a scant amount of sugar”.
And an RCH is about .002", ask a machinist!