Sleep help: My snooze button is helping me get rem sleep?

I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember (if that matters), and I’ve had insomnia for as long as I can remember too! Recently I’ve had a sleep anomaly crop up that I haven’t heard of before. This is coming from someone who thought they’d seen 'em all.

I wake up about 4-5 hours into sleep, and then I can’t get back to sleep for 2-3 hours. About an hour before I have to get up, I can drift off again. When my alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button because I’m dead tired. I believe I’ve had a little rem sleep, due to my vivid dreams during the first hours of sleep.

I want to know if anyone has any insight as to why I go directly into deep sleep during these snooze sessions?

My alarm clock stops ringing after an hours worth of slamming the button, and I tend to sleep VERY deeply between the ringing and after it stops. I end up sleeping for 1-3 hours after I need to get up, which is messing all sorts of things up. All of this BS after 2-3 hours of trying to get some sleep earlier.

The thing is, I really enjoy this sleep. It’s the most restful that I ever get. And I do dream during this period, so it’s not just blank sleep. I even dream between the snooze alarm. Some of the dreams are good, and some are screwy, but the sleep is fantastically deep. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the pressure to get up either, because I can’t sleep like this just any old time the schedule pressure is off.

It really seems linked to the sound.
Anyone else had this?
Am I just Pavlov’s dog?

I often dream in the ten minutes of snooze. Sometimes you can only remember the dream for a second, then it is gone.

When your body is very sleep deprived you can go into REM much quicker. See the Uberman sleep schedule.

And get some Ambien or something. Waking up 4 hours into sleep is insomnia.

Agreed. Though other drugs might be a better choice depending on when you’d take 'em; Ambien needs to be taken when you have 7-8 hours before you need to do anything; Sonata is advertised as having a shorter half-life so you could take that at the nighttime wakeup if appropriate.

I too can slip back into dreaming sleep quite easily during those morning times - was having quite a vivid one this morning between the time Typo Knig got up and the time I did. And I know if I cut short that early morning sleep, I’m even more trashed than usual.

Maybe you could set your alarm for 2AM and then go back to sleep until a second alarm clock wakes you?

I see this thread is a few weeks old, thought it looked familiar, I could have sworn someone mentioned before that REM sleep is not the sleep you want to feel rested. Maybe that was in a different thread? REM sleep is dreaming sleep, you want deep sleep (stage 4?) which is a stage below REM and it may be possible to get there in a 10 minute snooze but it’s probably not likely especially if you have trouble getting to that stage. But you do need to hit REM stage first in order to get to the deep sleep stage.

I have various problems sleeping, too. looks at the clock My problem is trouble getting to sleep and then dreaming too much when I do sleep so I don’t feel rested, I don’t get enough of the deep sleep.

This is exactly what happens to me. I had a sleep study done at the beginning of last month, my doc and I were seeing if I had obstructive sleep apnea contributing to a high blood pressure issue.

In my case, absolutely no incidences of me stopping breathing, no restless leg. I can ‘call’ the times I wake up and go back to sleep within 5 minutes.

The conclusion of my specialist - segmented sleep. There is nothing she can do other than drug me, or send me off for reprogramming to a psychologist to do the behavior modification shuffle. Since I am unemployed, it just doesn’t matter. I wake up at 5 am, take my meds, grab breakfast and hang out with mrAru until 6 am and go back to sleep [meds make me very sleepy and I literally crash out] and wake up in 45 to 90 minutes. I do stuff around the house until 1 pm, when I take my meds again, which cause me to crash out again, wake up in 45 to 90 minutes and do stuff around the house. I take meds at 5 pm, but the med that makes em crash out isn’t in that batch, so I am awake until my 9 pm meds, that cause me to crash out, so we go to bed. I sleep from 10 pm until 2, then I am awake until 330-400, and I go back to sleep until 5.

I clean the house, cook, play MMORPGs, surf the internet and watch TV essentially around the clock. I made almond barfi a few hours ago from a different recipe to see if I liked the texture any better and now I am waiting to see if I like the recipe better. [the original recipe I tried seems rather squooshy and not setting up like I think it should, so I tried adifferent one that has less milk in it. It can be difficult making food from an entirely different culture if you have never actually had that food before =) ]

Back when I worked as security in the mid 80s, I had a night site. I also had a jackass roomie that would not stay reasonably quiet while I was trying to sleep so I got passive agressive and would abuse the snooze button for about an hour while he was trying to sleep:D and I discovered that I got my best quality sleep in those little 7 minute chunks over that 45 minutes or an hour. It developed to where if I was getting up in the morning we set both alarms, mrAru gets up and potters around for an hour while I abuse the snooze button - giving him his bathroom and shower time. He would have coffee and breakfast ready for when I actually got up, followed by a quick shower and out the door. I guess you could say that was a coping mechanism, I get migraines and at the time was taking a benzo for them, and I didnt want to add any other drug to try and sleep all night [benzos are very addictive, and there is a rebound issue for migraines as well]

Recently I’ve started waking up about 10-15 mins before the alarm goes off, and feeling wide awake. But because it’s “too early” and I usually hit the snooze button a couple of times after the alarm goes off, I go back to sleep anyway. Then when I do have to get up, I feel really tired. I really should learn from this and get up when I wake up :frowning: