Sleep question...

My wife has a curious problem. Every Sunday night (since she started her new job) she just cannot fall asleep. Last night she was up until 3:00 AM. Normally she has no problem falling asleep. What’s going on here? Is there a way to fix this problem?

Information posted here does not replace medical advice. Depending on how long this has gone on, she should call a doctor.

There could be several factors happening.

From the way you’ve described it, there may be an anxiety about the new job. Some sort of over-the-counter medication, like Simply Sleep, may help. Some medication prescribed and supervised by a doctor may help more.

Other factors could be almost anything, ranging from reaction to any medications she’s already taking to jet lag.

Does your wife sleep in on the weekends? Stay up late on Saturday and then sleep until noon Sunday morning? If so, that’s the problem. One should continue the weekday sleep/wake schedule through the weekends. Might put a damper on your fun, but makes Monday morning’s much more pleasant.


SexyWriter- We thought that was the problem originally, but after switching back to a semi regular sleep pattern there has been no difference in the “Sunday Effect.” We only sleep an extra hour and a half, but go to be at the same time.
C K Dexter Haven- How do sleeping pills work? She was thinking about using them, but we usually sleep about 7 hours a night and she’s afraid that most sleeping pills work for 8 hours thus she would be in some sort of zombie like state in the morning…

How do they work? Poorly. They basically act as sedatives, and generally don’t give restful sleep. This includes over the counter preparations which generally use diphenhydramine, and also prescription ones like halcion and ambien, which use benzo-diazepine-type molecules similar to valium. They should be used only for occasional insomnia or jet lag problems, not for chronic sleep difficulties. Use them more than 4 or 5 days, and your sleep patterns get dependent on them, then they stop working reliably, requiring larger and larger doses. Don’t go there.

For investigation of persistant sleep disturbances, talk to your doc.


Thanks for the info Qadgop the Mercotan, she might indeed need to see a doctor, but she wanted to try the pills first. She would literally only need it one day a week, and her hope is that she can break the cycle by the second or third week.
Everyone is recommending that she see a doctor- which is fine- but it’s making me nervous. Is there a reason she should see a DR? I mean, should I be worried more than I am?

Mainly because a doc can sit down and take a thorough history and do a physical exam, to help pinpoint just what the cause of her sleep concerns could be. Hormonal, stress, depression, poor diet, apnea, heart failure, drug addiction, thyroid disorders, and a hundred other things *could[i/] be causing it, some far more likely than others. But face to face, it’s easier to cut thru the possibilities.

So calm down. Life or health-threatening causes of sleep disturbances are unlikely.

I agree that it is most likely that she is nervous about her new job. Give her a shot or two of Crown Royal an hour before bed time, which may have another side benefit before it puts her to sleep. :wink: