Sleeping with glasses on?

How many people out there, who wear glasses, – not just for reading either – sleep with them on? I spotted a cartoon concerning Bill Gates asleep and it commented that he slept with his glasses on.

So do I.

I got into the habit of it years ago when, as a young man, I lived in a cheap apartment in a not so nice neighborhood. Several times I had to get up in a hurry because someone was trying to break into my place and I hated fumbling for my glasses in the dark. Even leaving a small television or night light on did not help, so I started sleeping with them in place.

My vision is pretty fuzzy without them and at night, things are even worse, so the few times I have had to arise in a hurry, having the glasses in place has saved me many seconds.

I don’t consider this habit strange. Do you?

I’ve done it while falling asleep in a recliner, does that count?

I really wish I could, for the reasons you mentioned. Waking up blind is not fun anytime, and is only worse if you are startled awake.

Unfortunately, my glasses are too thick and sharp to sleep wearing. I have broken them in the past when I accidently slept with them on.

No, I never do. But I sleep on my stomach with my face smooshed into the pillow, so I really can’t wear them to sleep.

Remember that MAS*H episode where Radar was up to some sort of shenanigan in the middle of the night. He heard someone coming (Frank Burns?) and jumped into bed, grabbed his teddy bear, and pretended to sleep. Frank looked at him, saw he was asleep, and left. Frank did a huge double-take just as Radar realized he was wearing the glasses. Radar snapped them off just as Frank spun around to take another look.

I always liked that scene, and I have always remembered to take the glasses off if I have to feign sleep in a hurry.

Sentinel, good thing the jurors in Twelve Angry Men didn’t know there were people like you around.

Since I sleep in my chair at my desk most nights, I sleep in my glasses. If I slept on a bed, I’d take them off because they’re wireframes and they’d get misaligned pretty easily.

Shit, so that kid was guilty! I knew it! Me and Lee J. Cobb were right all the time!

How many more murders d’ya think he was responsible for later, thanks to that damn Henry Fonda?

To the OP: Nah, I take 'em off. Unless I’m just catching forty winks, like I do here at the office in between posts to the SDMB.

Never slept with my glasses on. I toss and turn a lot, so I’d imagine the wire frames would get pretty bent.

Wow! This is my first post in a really long time? Anyone miss me? (did anyone ever know me? :slight_smile: )

I have only once slept with my glasses on, but it was unintentional.

They broke, as a result.

Mr. Child,

Welcome back! Why the long silence?

Nope. Glasses + sleep = broken glasses.
besides, I wear contacts now, with my glasses to navigate to the bathroom and back.

As for break-ins, we have two large dogs (75 lbs each), and if the perp gets past them, I’ll be waiting, with 36 inches of razor sharp cold steel.

I try not to, but when reading a book I will fall asleep with them on. I wake up the next morning with my finger on the right book page, and the glasses in place.

I end up with all the sheets ripped off the bed, if I’m sick though. The glasses are half way across the room, if I fell asleep with them on.

Well, I guess I just haven’t had the time to post. Yeah, I know… it doesn’t take THAT much time to type something!

However, I have been keeping up with board. I read it rather often (I’v been hooked ever since the old AOL days).

Now that I have the time to post and defend myself, you all better watch out!


Ohh yea, one more thing. Is there some sort of reward for the longest registered user with the least posts?

I can’t think of ANY woman who would get excited about that! Maybe if you said “9 inches of velvet coated steel”…

I don’t consider this habit strange. Do you?

I was in denial, did not want to wear glasses, I did not really need them, until one night I woke up and still had my glasses on. So yes I do sleep with glasses on, but not on purpose.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” W.Zevon

I’ve fallen asleep with them on a few times, but I’ve never done it intentionally.

With wire frames I was always afraid of crinking them up all funky, and with plastic I worry about the frames breaking.

Yikes, never. I’ve broken several pairs of glasses that way, and it just is NOT comfortable. Especially with the nosepad bruises from wire-rims. I now wear contacts, though, and at night when I’m curled up on my top bunk in the dorm room, I let my handy little Viking mascot wear the glasses as he dangles from the nail in the wall.

Nope, not me. They’d end up broken, and I can’t afford to be without my glasses and they take at least 3 days to replace since no one carries my prescription on hand. Too uncomfortable anyway, I like to snuggle up to Mr Bear as close as possible while sleeping. Which could explain why I have fallen out of bed a couple of times since he’s been gone… :o

Surg, dear. I get excited at the fact that VB has 36" of razor sharp cold steel. He has slain many an emotional dragon for me lately with that same sword so I would feel very protected with that nearby.

I dunno. My glasses have plastic lenses and expandable hinges and aside from bending the nose pieces out of shape from time to time and smearing the lenses, it doesn’t seem to hurt them.

I’m so used to sleeping with them on that now and then, when they get uncomfortable at night and I take them off, I wake up hours later and put them back on and go back to sleep.

My glasses are way to thick and heavy for me to even be able to fall asleep with them on. I hated fumbling in the dark for them (and hated wearing them in general) so I got those extended wear contects instead. I can sleep with those in and love being able to see the moment I open my eyes.