Sleepwalking - 1 time event or shape of things to come

Friday night I went to bed as normal, didn’t drink. Took a couple benydrils to help me sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary.

About fifteen minutes after lights out, I jump out of bed and take a very quick couple steps, I didn’t really wake up until I was at the end of the bed. I had a dream about electrocution (mine, someone else, don’t know). Scared the hell out of my wife. Concerns me too.

This is my first experience with sleepwalking at all. I dream but I’ve never woke up and found myself in a new place. It was quick moving “violent” sleepwalking, not just slow wandering.

Basically, my question is; Once this happens once will it continue to happen or is it possible that this was a one time event. I’m scared that I’m going to break my ankle or collide with my wife as she’s trying to help.

How old are you?

I’m 44 yr old male. Reasonable health, overweight (but working on it) and just started taking Lipitor for mildly high cholesterol.

Were the benydrils something new or routine?

Benydril is routine. 2 for a night where I dont have any alcohol is normal.