Sliced bread conundrum

I buy my bread at our local bakery. I have them slice the loaf for me. The bread goes into the hopper and is pushed through what I’m assuming are reciprocating blades. Bread pops out the other end.

I take it home, pick out a couple of adjacent slices for a sandwich, and lo! somehow parts of the bottom edge have somehow rejoined. Sort of reminds me of the old magic trick.

So how is that possible, given that the entire loaf has just passed through both the points and flats of the cutting blades?


Gluten is sticky. That’s one of its functions. Bread slicers don’t do a clean job of slicing soft breads, leaving lots of little projections. Those ends, sticky with gluten, get pressed up against the next slice’s projections and bond. Voila!

Kinda like Gluten Velcro?