sliding cars in commercials

Has anyone else noticed this? I see it mostly with cars from Nissan (I think); the car is shown, with rock music playing in the background, and the car is sliding (not merely turning, but fishtailing and otherwise sliding) all over the place. Why would they intentionally portray their car as the kind of product that will slide out of control rather than hold the road? I know we’ve all intentionally done this on icy or wet roads, mostly when we were teens, and it is kind of fun, but is it really a selling point? “Hey, look, if you spend $25,000, you can slide all over like an idiot”?

I dunno ‘bout you, but when I see that, I think, “Gee, that sure looks like fun…” P’raps they’re trying to link up memories of those juvenile exploits with promises of good times ahead if you buy one o’ their cars. Not necessarily for sliding around, but if you’re lucky enough to have a suitably wide open space with the appropriately slidey surface, why not?

My WAG would be that it’s supposed to show that the car is fun.

Whee. :rolleyes:


Professional driver on closed road. Do not attempt.

Having a car slide around shows great driving skill and control of the vehicle.

Having a car slide into something shows just the oppostie.

FYI, you can get just about any car (read: CAR, not suv, truck, motorcycle, or other type) to fishtail and spin out. All you need is a really smooth driving surface that has been soaked with water. Don’t go over 30-40 mph or so, as it’s very dangerous even at low speeds, and cut the wheel sharp. If/when you get really practiced at it you can do things like: increase the speed, decrease the water, spray bleach on the wheels, play with braking, etc.

I make home videos.

punk snot dead,

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I like that the cars a FWD, and sliding all over like a Caprice or some shit. I’ve tried that intentionally on all types of FWD - never happens. But it has happened once when I didn’t try it. I wish I could do it on demand. But anyway that fishtailing is all bullshit, so is Nissan.

Farmer, you need a lesson in “Emergency braking for fun and profit”. Front wheel drive cars do it too, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

me again

Well I do know that it can be done when applying the emergancy brakes. But currently mine is stuck. Oh well…

I believe this is advertiser shorthand for saying: “this car has an excess of power, which you can call upon whenever you see fit.”

And I’ve never heard anyone complain that their car had too much power…:smiley:

The thing about car commercials that bugs me is seeing all the expensive SUV’s charging up a hill, through the mud and over the snow. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen or known anyone that even gets these things dirty.
I happen to have a Blazer with 4 wheel drive, and have really only needed it a handfull of times over the years, even though I drive to the Sierras every year and pull a boat with it. I’m sure when I bought it I had visons of back country wheelin’, but now, it just gets me to work and back. I like the room, but I will never get 4 wheel drive again, unless I live in a climate that requires it. But the commercials are so sexy!

Hahaha…like that commercial slamming the “big” SUVs by showing the mangled guardrails and shredded median grass. (I love the music in that commercial – "Whoopsie-daisy! Whoopsie-daisy! Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!)

we went mudding in my friend’s 2000 Durango, thing went into the forest dk. green, came out brown/black… took 2 washes, and then a hand-cleaning to get all of the clay/mud off

we’ve got a theory… we (my friends and I) buy SUV’s to use 'em as the design intends, workhorses or playtoys…