Slimeheads and toothfish

Hm. There’s a GQ in here. But it’s also sort of an IMHO poll. But it’s really mundane and pointless, so I’m putting it here.

Many of us – maybe even most of us – have enjoyed eating slimeheads and Patagonian toothfish. Of course, we don’t call them that. No, we call them “orange roughy” and “Chilean sea bass”. What other things do we eat that have “official” names that the Marketing types think will put us off, so they get “glamour” names so we’ll eat them? Escargots comes to mind, even though everyone knows they’re snails. The name doesn’t make them any less tasty. (Gods, I wish I had some escargots right now!)

Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Had them once. They’re pretty good. Taste like veal. It’s the slimy patches that are a bit disturbing.

Spotted Dick?

Oh, OK, perhaps not. :slight_smile:
The oyster thing that is not oysters - “Mountain Oysters” or some such name, I think.

Dogfish has another name, but it is past my bedtime and I cannot think of it. I don’t recall it tasting any good though.

Thymus glands of various animals are called sweetbreads.

Rapeseed oil has been rebadged as canola for marketing purposes.

The “real” name for Kiwi fruit is Chinese Gooseberry.
Monk fish is dolphin fish (not the mammal)