Got escargot?

Got escargot?Why yes we do!

Not hungry for snails? How about some catfish, Got plenty of that too!

No catfish! Well shoot you are picky! Well no one can resist a deep fried cow brain sandwich! Tuck in now!

For dessert how about a little …fruitcake or pumpkin pie?

I had escargots last Thursday. They weren’t that big, though.

“Dangerous”? What, do they pounce?

“Waiter, there are snails on her plate” AAARRRGGGHHH!!! (the sounds of death by snail whatever they might be).


Hell, those things are so big you’ed have to fillet them. They bring to mind the 1958 SiFi thriller, The Crawling Eye

I do not think those links go where you think they go.

Yeah, the first link goes to a picture of a giant ham and cheese sammich.

The pictures must change daily.

Click on the link and when it opens, click on the “next” arrow, and it will take you to the correct pic.

Well wax my pussy bald!! Sorry about that! I forgot the net never stops moving…moving…never stops moving… moving … stops movingm …oooh getting queasy… Time for lunch!