I Don't Care How Good It Tastes I'd Never Consider Eating That

I saw an episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy tries escargot.

Lucy) Waiter there’s something wrong with this food it’s full of snails.

Of course then Lucy wants to put ketchup on the snails and the chef doesn’t approve with predictable hilarious results

Now that is one food I would NEVER consider trying. No matter what anyone said, I would never eat it.

Frog’s legs and head cheese are other foods I would never even consider trying.

What are some types of food that you would never consider eating?

Just from reading the thread title I was going to say escargot.

Lobster and most other seafood with too many legs. No. Not ever.

Pretty much nothing, that I can think of. Maybe casu marzu, but hey, that’s why they call alcohol “liquid courage”.

If you don’t want to try snails, I can’t imagine you’d want a geoduck, either. . .

Brain sandwiches–I’ve seriously considered it in the past, as there were at least a few places around here where they could be found, but. . .no, I don’t think I would. Maybe if I was reeeeaaaaalllly drunk.

Snails, seafood, and frog legs I wouldn’t even hesitate to eat. Liver, though, get that away from me.

Maggot Cheese.
Most organs.


I’ve done tongue, I’ve done head cheese (really, don’t ever eat that), and I keep talking about how I’m going to try a local restaurant’s scrambled pig’s brains.

But I don’t ever wanna try placenta.

Anything containing one or more still-living organisms larger than a bacterium.

Also, anything other than yogurt containing live bacteria.

Durian - I don’t care how good it tastes, if it stinks that badly, I’m not putting it in my mouth.

Balut - fermented, smothered fertilized eggs… Why does this not sound good to me?

The problem I have is that I love cheese, and if I’m going to be honest about - one could make an accurate description of cheese that would turn the stomach of any one. So, I have to admit that it’s possible I might want to try things like haggis, or sea cucumber. Even if the idea of them, now, bothers me.

Most people would really like frog logs prepared correctly. They are truly good. Most would probably like escargot as well. I am having a hard time with this question. The only thing I would never eat again is armadillo on the half-shell with a possible side of leprosy (did that one in survival camp). I would scoff at some live snakes and some ripe road kill.

I would never eat dog, and I once offended my host in a Chinese village by refusing. Dogs are our friends, dammit! (and yes, I know that the dogs bred for eating are very different than the ones they breed for pets, but still, I wouldn’t eat, say, human eunuchs…)

I will never ever eat beets.

Escargot is delicious with butter.

Yes, but butter is delicious, and even better if you leave the snails out.

Head Cheese. With that name, and the way it looks - no thanks.

I’ve eaten a lot of the ones on this list including durian. For me, I think dog is the only one.

Escargot is yummy and surprisingly non-offensive. Head cheese is pretty much just another deli meat to me (but we grew up with it). Frog legs? Tastes like chicken.

I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t try at least once. Well, maybe placenta…

I would probably not eat dog, but I would be tempted. The only thing, and I really mean the only thing I wouldn’t eat would be milk (which I did have as a child) and blood products. I will skip the bodily fluids, thanks. So no blood pudding or other congealed products.

Dog, tripe, headcheese, brains (any organ meat, really,) most things containing raw eggs.

I s’pose if I got hungry enough, I’d eat almost anything. But, in any likely situation, I think I’d have to pass on insects. Grasshoppers might taste great, and I’m told that lots of people eat them regularly, but none for me, thanks. Various larvae are also apparently enjoyed by many people. I will never be one of them.