"Disgusting" foods you love that the majority can't seem to stand.

So I made the corned beef hash “Eww or Yum?” poll. Followed were members starting the Scrapple and Biscuits and Gravy “Eww or Yum?” polls.

I figure, why not just make a general “disgusting/gross” food topic?
What foods do you like or love to eat that isn’t usually the norm for people to like eating?
Not talking about foods like spinach or lima beans (which I’m betting a huge amount of people on here love)… I mean the extreme “disgusting” foods like pickled pigs feet. I love pickled pigs feet. Every so often I treat myself to a jar of them.

And what about haggis, tripe, or sweetbread? Never tried any of 'em but I’d be willing to.
Frog legs and escargot are two other foods I’ve always wanted to give a go someday.

Or how about this one: Lutefisk. Anyone ever try lutefisk and actually LIKE it?

Do you like anything I’ve mentioned so far? Do you have others that you like/love that you’d like to add?

I love Clamato.

Me too, actually…especially if it’s the “Spicy Hot” kind.

ETA: Actually I think it’s called “Picante”.

Does licorice count? I love licorice.

Clamato is okay. I have no problems drinking it.

Cheeseburger Hot Pockets.

I win.

Offal - the weirder the obscure animal part the better; I’ve eaten cock’s combs, goose entrails, duck tongues, and more. After the Iron Chef offal meal, I was the first to sign-up for Chris Cosentino’s restaurant recreation. The lamb’s brains were my favorite.

I’ve had insects a number of times and can highly recommend grasshoppers and fried ants.

I have made haggis, cooked frog’s legs, and prepared turtle soup. I had my first sweetbreads for the 16th birthday and adore the local taco trucks which serve “lengua” tacos (beef tongue).

For those wishing to try preparation themselves, I heartily recommend Fergus Henderson’s The Whole Beast: Nose To Tail Eating. I’ve dined at his restaurant, St. John’s, in London – revelatory!

I hate venison. I know a lot of deer hunters, and they always offer me some venison and I politely decline.

Except the heart. Nobody else will eat it but for some reason I love it. It tastes kind of like liver, which I also like.

Liver and onions. My father couldn’t believe I like that stuff. He said his parents tried to make him eat it.

But only once.

Might as well jump right in.

I love chitlin’s (the apostrophe is for the missing “g”). I haven’t had them is many years but I grew up in the South and all the older ladies in my family really knew how to make them tasty.

My favorite way to eat them is on white bread with mustard.

I love rhubarb stew and make it every Spring.

I too love clamato, but mostly for making Caesars.

I like V8. My mom makes “tomato” soup with it and some noodles.

I love prunes. In a bag, or in juice form. I mentioned this to my doctor once and he just cringed. A lot of people share that sentiment, for reasons I don’t understand.

I like Klik, the Maple Leaf Foods version of SPAM. Some people just have a thing about canned meat.

Peanut butter on hot dogs.

There’s no apostrophe - it’s spelled “chitterlings”. But in the south we pronounce it “chitlins.”

You have to boil the bejeesus out of them before you fry them up in bacon grease. (Recipe here).

I like them on white bread with mustard myself - I also like them with fried eggs.

I used to love creamed chipped beef on toast. The kind of beef that came in a little jar, already sliced thin. Loved that stuff.

I didn’t mind the lesser version, which used hamburger. But then I found out that people in the army called it SOS, short for “Shit on a shingle.”

I’m sure the army cooks weren’t as skilled as my mom, otherwise they’d have loved it.

I’m a fan of liver, too. With lima beans, it’s my favorite meal.

I had lutefisk once. Not bad.

I also enjoy frog’s legs, but I haven’t had them in years. I also managed to get snails in France; they’re no different from any other shellfish, really. And I love any shellfish – raw clams, raw oysters, mussels, conch, shrimp, lobster… . mmmm.

I actually like that deviled ham stuff out of a can. And liverwurst.

I am also the only one of my friends who wants anchovies on my pizza (or anything else, for that matter - I always ask for extra anchovies in my caesar salad if they are making it with real anchovies).

I like sardines out of a can, spread on crackers or toast.

I like frogs’ legs, and snails, and raw oysters.

I like canned deviled ham with mayo on toast.

Licorice, tongue, hearts, liver, and other offal. I feel I’ll try anything once. I chickened out on Rocky Mountain Oysters (felt I needed to get less sober to try them, and they stopped serving them before that). As far as organ meats go, I think I’d try any except brain, don’t need a prion disease right now.

I love kimchi. I eat it at least four or five times a week, and I have a big portion when I do. I generally go through a gallon jar in a month. It’s popular with a lot of the residents here, too. However, a substantial portion of the general population—I would venture to guess the majority—simply can’t abide the stuff. Fine—that’s all the more for me. As a matter of fact, I got a wild idea the other day to see what would happen if I made tabouli with kimchi. I bet it would taste pretty good. I also think that kimchi goes with everything. I love it with pizza, chicken, beer, simple vegan foods, steak—literally damned near everything.

I hate outing myself like this, but . . .

Ketchup on hot dogs.