slitting your wrist... how long till death

im sick of watching movies where the person slits their wrist and all of a sudden they are slumped over. does death really happen this fast or is it a movie thing?

well I would think if you slit your wrist the “correct” way the massive drop in blood pressure would knock you out… then several minutes later you’d die.

there is a correct way?

“Correct” in the sense of “most likely to result in fatality”, yes. But don’t even ask for technical details here; it makes the mods and the Chicago Reader legal staff very twitchy indeed.

Well, arteries bleed much more & more rapidly than veins- & as I recall arteries create pulses. (The legal staff is really concerned? Nobody is advocating anything.)

eeek. well then from what i can tell the slumping over would be from the loss of blood pressure. so it may not be a movie myth.

Some have said that it is best to slice along the arm length-wise, but the perpendicular cut at the wrist will sever more vasculature than a length-wise cut (unless you make the cut jagged enough to cut numerous veins and arteries. The warm bath schtick helps delay pesky clotting. And if one is serious about it, one may take some aspirin for clot prevention. And lastly, the mistake (or subconscious goal) of many a wrist-cutter is to do it when and where they will be discovered and saved, so one may want to plan well.

The time till death probably depends on all the factors that control blood loss, which are obviously different for each case.
The movie cutters are certainly being ‘dramatic’ about it.

i just figured the warm bath thing was romance, but like everything else i guess there is some truth.
thanks, i think the topic has been covered enough

hope the mods dont get mad.

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