"Wrist Slashers" classic column

I realize I’m commenting on an oldie but I just gotta say that giving out helpful advice on how to properly commit suicide is pretty irresponsible. A friend of mine with suicidal impulses never really harmed herself seriously until someone gave her the same useful tip on how to slash ones wrists. She did it properly the next time and came within a hairs-breadth of actually succeeding. A year later the first effective antidepressants came out and she is a much happier person now, no thanks to that advice.

I must urge you, Cecil, and all your readers, to stop spreading that particular piece of information around. Lives are at stake, really.


Just adding a link to the column

Killing yourself is not difficult. People who can’t figure out an effective means to snuff it have to be really, really stupid. Stupid people are a burden on society. If they need information in order to off themselves, it’s in society’s best interest to make it available. “Think of it as evolution in action.” Cecil provides a useful public service.

I strongly disagree. We really have a need for current Hemlock Society and Exit International blogs and sites.

Gotta stand with Dogberry. Any fool can kill himself, and taking a method that is written up in alternative papers across the country is idiotic because it shows your hand.

“Shows your hand”? “Oh, darn, they figured me out. I guess I’ll have to kill myself some other way. Oh, wait, I already succeeded, never mind.”

Yeah, the “slash along the wrists” thing is pretty standard knowledge. I remember a girl in the early 80’s who used to talk about killing herself. The guys around her got so fed up with the “poor little me” attitude that they pitched in with the helpful advice to remember to slash along the wrist, not across. (She never actually did anything… all talk for attention).

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