Sloan Type toilet valves

This may or may not be a “Chicago” category question, but I’ll leave that up to the moderators…

Sloan brand valves (for lack of a better term) are, as I learned in a museum in the Windy City, made in Chicago, and are found on many toilets in heavy-use type environments, like office complexes, stores, public restrooms, etc. What is it about them that makes them preferable for this use? Do they use less water, require less maintenance, or what? Why are they not used in private homes?

I found the following thread that I think is somewhat related.

Pertains to water pressure, high volume use and the like.

Easier maintenance. Public toilets are used many more times in a day than a home toilet. Also repeat flushes. A Sloan can be flushed every few seconds, you do not have to wait for a tank to refill. Inter changeable parts. Not sure about cost.

No tanks to break.