Sloppy Joes

The baking soda trick is mentioned in the video @AlsoNamedBort linked to upthread. I use a marinade (that I got from an Asian guy on the internet!) that uses both cornstarch and baking soda for stirfry. But sometimes I use leftover filet mignon to make pepper steak. No marinade required!

I got it from Hermes on Futurama, he says “My Manwich!” which in my household became known to mean any outlandish, risky, but hopefully delicious food made for a particular adventure but usually involving too many condiments and pickles for the amount of bread.

A portmanteau of Sandwich (Earl, very serious, experimenter with bread and such like) with Manwich (fuckwit with a fridge full of slimy deli meats and more types of mustard than anyone would require)

Our great greasy whale.

OK so while I am here, what the fuck were loose meat sandwiches on Rosanne?

How does that relate to your canned meat adventures?

I could relate to most of the other stuff on that show, particularly the dream sequence lottery, two different sisters etc.

@Manwich Loose meats are explained deeper in this thread.

I haven’t had Sloppy Joes since I was a kid. I have no idea what the recipe was, but I do believe my mom didn’t really like the sloppy part and started putting them in pita pockets instead of using hamburger buns. As long as the bread didn’t tear, it usually didn’t end up all over your lap or the plate like it would with the buns, and was much less soggy.