Slow news: Ugandan newspaper starts outing locals


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Well, it does sound like he was trying to incite violence, but it’s POSSIBLE he was also trying to make money. I spent last summer in India, and while I was there, the Supreme Court ruled that the law against homosexuality was unconstitutional. Pretty much all of the newspaper articles about it at the time mentioned that the law was almost never actually enforced anyway, and that it was mainly used by police to get known gay men to pay bribes. Like, “pay us or we’ll actually this law”.

So it seems possible that it was part of an extortion scheme as well.

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Survivor: Uganda?

I’m at work but if you Youtube “Eat da poo poo”, you’ll find two links: a clip of the Ugandan anti-homosexuality movement’s outrageous claims about what homosexuals typically do, and the Autotune remix of same. They’re both pretty funny, but would be outright hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous in that context :frowning:

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Welcome to the 14th century, Ugandan style. Heard about this on NPR the other day. Disgusting. Many of those people are in fear of physical harm, possibly death.

I’d like to the person who was responsible for this.

I don’t know about Uganda, but in Cameroon homosexuality was a lot more complicated than it is here. In order to fight things like this, it is useful to understand where it is coming from.

In Cameroon, people really, honesty, with all their hearts believed that homosexuality involved being a part of a secret money-making cult that required cannibalism. ideally of a young family member, to join.

The origin is likely that when homosexuality first came to public attention, it was rich young men in the capital that were able to practice homosexuality openly. Regular people- often desperately poor despite their hard work- saw this and could not understand where all this money was coming from. Since normal people have little chance of advancement, they figure the super-rich must be doing witchcraft to ge that way. This all gets mixed up and the idea that gay people are members of these cults has become widespread. Of course shrewd politicians looking to discredit opponents used these beliefs to their advantages.

It is such a real belief that a friend of mine, who was coming to terms with the fact that she had been sexually attracted to women her entire life- still had trouble accepting that some people are just gay without being members of cannibal cults.

I’m not defending the way Uganda treats homosexuality or saying it’s okay for them to act like this. But I think there is probably a similar reason for such virulent hatred, and if you want to fight the problem instead of just engaging in RO, it’s a good idea to look at why people believe what they do.

Uganda. Did they build the whole goddam country on top of an Indian burial mound, or something?

The Empire of Kitara, actually.

Whoever wrote that headline should be vigorously with a pineapple, then forcibly into a garbage compactor.

This interested me enough to look for more information and I found this –

Peter Geschiere, “Homosexuality in Cameroon: Identity and Persecution”:

Somehow, this doesn’t sound all that foreign.

I know an African kid from Burundi who claims that Kampala is a fun town. But he is not a boy fucker, so I can’t tell you about that.