"Slutbucks" logo

Starbuck’s original (now reintroduced) logo. Google for example.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this; a mermaid with a bifurcated tail? It isn’t quite pornographic because there’s no groin detail, and the tails really don’t suggest human legs, at least not to me. But it’s… weird. WTF?

a relevant article via Fark

Well, that’s certainly…gymnastic.

I would do her.

Somehow they have managed to make an uglier logo than before. Congrats, guys.

The only appropriate response from Starbucks to the group that objected should be “Fuck off and die, losers!”

My favorite line:

(“The group” being the group that has its panties in a twist over the logo.)

More than 3,000 members? Ooh, now I’m scared! :eek:

My, that looks painful. Ick.

She is not a mermaid. Mermaids have a single tail. She is a siren. Sirens got a split tail ending in flipper feet. Did you folks skip out of high school biology?

Where did you go to high school? We just dissected frogs.

Phase Two looks even more sinister than we’d thought.

Christ, those doofuses give fundies a bad name…

Perhaps it’s my Marketing background here, but:

Anyone else thinking they switched back, just for this type of “free” press?

Last I heard, it was a temporary thing, and I think it had to do with Pikes Place house blend, or something.

Well, I hope it’s temporary–I can’t say I care for it. It just makes me kind of uncomfortable, like “ow, that’s gotta hurt, no wait, it’s fishlegs, still looks painful.”

But I don’t drink coffee, so who cares about my opinion anyway?

But yeah. Uggo.

What really makes the illusion complete is the patch of hair, I mean shadow, above the scales. While I drink Starbuck’s at least once a week, I hadn’t noticed the logo change! I’m not terribly aware of my surroundings at 6:30


I was trying to figure out what a mermaid had to do with coffee when I read the OP. The only thought I had was “drink coffee to dispel those nasty imaginary images you see before you truly wake up.”

Then I read in the later post that the siren was supposed to be as “seductive as coffee itself.”

I think I like my idea better.

It isn’t quite pornographic becuase it isn’t quite the original logo.

I could’ve sworn that article used to show their “new” logo.