Smackdown will be on tomorrow night

Mr. Rilch and Friend and I also discussed this. It will be the first TV event to go on as scheduled, I’m almost certain.

Mr. Rilch thinks Vince McMahon is somewhat out of line, doing this. Friend thinks that one show won’t disrupt news programming. News is on practically every channel, so if someone who normally watches Smackdown doesn’t choose to, they don’t have to. I think that wrestling is one of the few shows that can go on tomorrow whose reputation won’t be hurt by it. People who would think it’s tacky probably don’t like wrestling to begin with, so they won’t lose viewers. Those who do like wrestling will find it a much-needed catharsis. They’ll get to cheer and yell and watch big guys throw each other around, and that will get a lot of anger out.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of lip service to patriotism in pro wrestling. I predict a lot of mike action tomorrow night.

What I think will happen is, all the contestants will come down the runway at once, with “God Bless America” blaring. All will assemble in the ring, and the mike will probably go to the Rock, since he’s tallest, and they’ll go into “The Star-Spangled Banner”. By the time they get to “see”, the auditorium will be on its feet as one.

And the Rock says: BIN LADEN, KISS MY ASS!

What? Look at me! Bin Laden, look at me! America! Will continue to be…the land of the free! As long! As it is…the HOME of the BRAVE!

Here is the WWF’s statement about this.

Right now all of their guys are sitting in hotel rooms here in Houston.


Y’know, when my old director’s parents died, he was half an hour late to the funeral, because he had planned a very important play rehearsal on that day. He also left the funeral early, to resume his work.

It my sound trite, ladies and gentlemen, but as far as the theatre community is concerned… The Show Will Go On.

I had a professor once whos special area of study is WWF Smackdown. He believes that it is a form of undirected political expression and gets to the raw nerves of our national psyche. I think he is going to have a field day with this one.

Dang, sven! It’s so good to be right! For him, I mean.

I for one can’t wait for the stirring Smackdown! “tribute to the spirit of the American people.” Does this mean they’ll haul the Iron Shiek out of retirement? I don’t think the WWF’s had a cartoon Arab for years.

What about Tiger Ali Singh?

So, uh, The Rock is in Houston huh? Awwwwwww Yeah!

Never thought I’d see a Texan holding a sign that said “I [heart] New York.”

Never thought I’d pound the table and shout “Yeah!” when Vince McMahon was talking.

Never heard a rendition of the SSB that was so emoted.

As a wrestling fan for many years I have to say that I was damn proud of the job those guys did tonight. And to hear any chant besides asshole while Vince was speaking was amazing.