Small artsings.

Among other things, I make tiny masks of critters out of polymer clay/insertions of various nature. They run from 80 to 160$, based on the time taken (7-15 hours each). They vary in size. (3x3 inches to 5x5 inches), and make pretty decent gifts for someone with limited space. The ones listed below are spoken-for, but I do take requests.


I am po’ and have no spending money, but I wanted to tell you that these are great! I especially love the owlet.

D’aw. Glad you like 'em!

For what it’s worth-- Finished Owlet.

Recently, I’ve also started doing mini-portraits of peoples’ pets, deceased, or otherwise. These take about half the time, and are priced accordingly.


Wow! These are spectacular!

The finished owlet looks great, but I think I actually liked it better in white. Don’t kill me.

The pet portraits would be perfect for a friend who recently lost two dogs she’d had for over 10 years. Maybe for Christmas. How much lead time do you need?

Wouldn’t kill you-- the tips of the wings turned out nicely on that one, but the arm part of the wing I’m less than thrilled with, too.

I’d appreciate two weeks’ notice, but can get them done sooner in a pinch.

A number of small paintings are now also available in my Etsy shop!

These are amazing! I’m browsing now. I love the 3-dimensional masks and shadowboxes.

Glad you like 'em! For the next month or so, it’s my goal to turn out 7 small things a week, and spend the rest of the time working on larger pieces for shows’n’such.