Small breasted ladies, a question, please?

Most men know of “short-guy syndrome”, ie: shorter men who over-compensate with macho displays: agressive behavior, sports cars, etc.

Being secure in my manhood (and 6’3") I like to think myself to be above that behavior.

So the question to you of slender builds, ie: small boobage: do you find yourselves compensating for small breasts by increasing some other feminine behavior or attribute? For example, do you wear your hair longer or dress with more ruffles that you think is average?

Yes, I know, personal and terribly generalized for all descriptions and attitudes.

While I’m at it, I feel a bit sad for men who are short, thinking they would want to be taller and were somehow gypped by nature (sorry, guys, but its the truth). Do you large breasted women have any similar feelings for the lesser endowed?


I think a lot of large breasted women feel as I do, that they wish they were smaller. Boobs are a pain. Mid-size (not tiny, not huge) is what most women strive for, in my limited experience.

I’m almost positive that the OP could have been written without the gratitous comments about guys who do not happen to be 6’3".

No, I’m a tomboy. I do have my hair long, but as I have explained before, it is easier to take care of that way. I used to be very self conscious about my small breasts, especially since my younger sister ended up very well-endowed but I’ve noticed that most guys don’t really care unless they are very tiny. I know I prefer a hand full size in the girls I date and other men have expressed the same. I’ve even heard some say “More than a mouth full is a waste.”

I think short guys have it much worse because you will find more men who love small, moderately breasted women than women willing to date short men. I prefer dating short guys myself, but I know most women don’t share my tastes. Interestingly enough, I know more women self-conscious about their small breasts than I know men self-conscious about their short height.

I’m sorry, but this is just dumb.

  • Priceguy, 5’5".

I don’t think height and breast size make for a very good analogy at all. Isn’t most people’s issue with being short that they don’t feel they’re taken as seriously as taller people? Because in my experience, large breasts don’t make anyone take you seriously. (Not that small breasts do, but they’re less likely to be detrimental to the process.)

I don’t think that women in general worry any more about the size of their breasts than they do abot the size of their asses, or the shape of their legs, or any other aspect of their bodies. We all emphasize the positive and de-emphasize the negative, wherever it is.

I really don’t consider my breasts essential to my femininity, so I don’t feel that I need to “make up” for their small size. Nor do I envy big-breasted women-- I’m perfectly comfortable with myself the way I am.

The clothing I wear is chosen based on how comfortable it is and whether it suits my tastes, not on the hopes that it will make me look more attractive or disguise my body’s “flaws.” (I’m small and bony. There’s no hiding that, no matter what Cosmo says.)

The exact same behavior called “short guy syndrome” when the subject is short is called “self confidence” or “dynamism” when the subject is tall.


To be blunt:

Large breasted women are jealous of how slender small-breasted women tend to be. Thus they will criticize the small-breastedness.

Small breasted women are jealous of how much attention the large-breasted women get. Thus they will call the larger breasted women “fat”.

Yes, it’s a horrible couple of generalizations. But generally true.

You mean like feeling sorry for them? Hell no. I’m jealous.

They can always get something that makes the boobage look bigger; I, however, am stuck. Spending $$$$ instead of $ on swimsuits because I have to get them by bra size instead of regular size. Spending $$$$$ instead of $ on bras. Always looking kind of dumpy in office attire (although the tradeoff there is that I do look fabulous in swimsuits or evening clothes–but the small-breasted can also look fab in swimsuits and evening dress and how often do you wear it, compared to regular clothes?)

BTW you seemed to imply that if you have big American breasts you are not slender. I am very slender.

Also I think short men are hot.

So… how you doin’?

I concur.

silenus, 5’6"

It’s not clear to me whether by this you mean YOU think that shorter guys were “gypped”* by nature, or you think THEY think they were “gypped” by nature.

Laughing Lagomorph, 5’7". (I don’t feel ripped off about my height, just like I don’t feel sorry for people who aren’t as smart as me)

In general I find small breasted women totally hot BTW.

*FYI: some people find this word offensive.

I want to pile on too.

-Trevor (5"7’)

You’re seven foot, five inches? Wow! What a pile on that’ll be.

Damn you, you stole my joke, so I’ll tell my other one:

[MaeWest] Honey, let’s forget about the five feet and talk about those seven inches :wink: [/MaeWest]

Not that I’m aware of. (And given that I was sirred by a telemarketer today, I’m not sure that anyone else would be aware of them either.) I’m more likely to be called ‘butch’ than ‘femme’, though I don’t think either of them is a useful or even mildly accurate way of describing me.

I don’t get back pain from the size of my breasts. From what I can tell, that’s the primary effect of having large ones, so I can’t bring myself to have regrets.

The only people who have expressed an opinion that any of my body parts should be larger were a couple of creepy guys on the street between my house and the sandwich place who wanted me to have a bigger ass and had no objections to informing me of this. I figured that they were big enough asses for the lot of us, and walked home on the other side of the street.
Also, I find that being involved with shorter guys greatly decreases my odds of getting clocked in the chin with a shoulder during sex.

Belrix, please don’t rip on “short” guys. I’m glad so many have shown up in this thread already to let you know you’re being pretty unfair. Women have lust in their hearts for all kinds of men. A poem, for the guys I can look in the eyes:
I like my men
Under five-ten.
(But I’m married, so the application period is closed.)

Anyway, I wear a size D bra, and I’m pretty happy about that. I’m self-conscious about most of my body, so my chest sometimes feels like the one part of me that nature “got right.” Sure, sometimes “they” get in the way, and bras are hard to fit, and I can’t wear cute little “clubbing” tops…but when they look good, they look gooooood. And they draw attention away from big hips and such.

On the other hand, small-breasted usually means skinny. And I’d love to be skinny. So yeah, what Ghanima said.

I warned you!
…stupid fingers…stupid keyboard…

I have pretty boobs. They may be small, but they are damn pretty. They don’t make me self-conscious just because they aren’t overflowing; in fact, I tend to wear shirts that show them off (so everyone can admire them).