Small Business - Music Industry Question

Not sure if this is the proper forum to post, but here goes…

I am looking to start a small business selling music. I am attempting to locate any potential sources of information as I research this goal. I have written to several record labels already. I wonder if anyone around here has any experience in this arena who might offer some starter points.

Actually, any pointers on starting a small busines are appreciated.

Feel free to post here, but I imagine my ultimate goal would involve a personal email or two.

Thanks !

What do you mean “selling music”? Assuming this means CD and casettes, it works just like any other retailer. There are music wholesalers who provide the CDs; you contact them and then start sending you CDs. I’m not sure how much money you have to put up front (if any – all CDs are sold on consignment and can be returned for full credit. However, it seems unlikely they’d just give you all the records you need without you putting something up first). You don’t contact the CD companies, though – you contact the wholesalers.