Small cheap HDMI or DisplayPort screen

I have a headless computer that every once in a while has something go wrong enough with it that the vnc server doesn’t start and I have to go plug a monitor into it to figure it out.

I’m looking to replace the monitor that sits on a shelf and has to be hauled around with something small and cheap for those cases. This is the only monitor I have any more, and I’d love to just get rid of it. The computer has DisplayPort and HDMI and… maybe DVI video output, so one of those.

Maybe there’s a way to use a tablet? I have an old junky Kindle Fire tablet that I’m happy to dedicate to the cause.

When you say “monitor” to you mean a CRT or an LCD? Around here I can get a smallish LCD monitor at most $15 at a thrift store.

If you want to go real small, there are several small LCD screens for Raspberry Pis and such (usually HDMI). But for ~$30 the resolution isn’t so great. OTOH, if you need just a basic text screen this might work.

There are people on eBay that will sell you a graphics card interface to match certain LCD screens you’ve scavenged from someplace (laptops, etc.). But it’d be cheaper to just buy a monitor for something like this.

Yeah, an LCD. I already have a normal LCD monitor. I’m looking for something tiny. Tablet-sized. I don’t care much about resolution, since I only need to use this to troubleshoot pretty low-level stuff.

Look on ebay, for LCD monitors designed for Automobile use.

Ah, yes. That’s the sort of thing I’m looking for. Thanks.

If anyone has actually used one of these and has a brand recommendation, let me know.

Can you connect a terminal to it?

You’d need to google a couple commands, put those in a text file and you’re good to go.

“Sudo reboot now!”
“Start vnc”

Maybe google for a startup script for vnc and a script to restart the machine periodically.

What do you mean by “connect a terminal to it”?

The vnc server already starts up automatically. And I can restart it by toggling the power switch. But if it doesn’t come up to the point where the vnc server starts, then I need to connect a screen to it to figure out why.

Like this?

I have used a similar bare bones screen with a Raspberry Pi project.